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  1. Can Not Launch
    by Space Cadet and the Stars
  2. Almost Real
    by Lia Narcissus
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  3. A Pop Henia
    by Lia Narcissus
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  4. Wake Up, Mr Pancake
    by Padang Food Tigers
  5. Blue Springs
    by Kerning
    Grandview Grandview
    I stan Kerning at all points in my life that I can
  6. Yourself
    by Palavas
    You lose and I lose You lose and I lose
    The artist has a few people tagged here, but I feel this music takes on a life of its own, away from them. My favorite thing a collection of songs can do is create a unique vision and world of its own, and this definitely does that
  7. 'Til The Cows Fall Down
    by Luke Short
    Gigglin' The Dawn Away Gigglin' The Dawn Away
    This was my favorite album of 2018, and there were a lot of good albums. Something about this album really stuck to me. A lot of it reminded me of walking around early on a spring morning, which is my favorite time to be alive
  8. Big Delusion Factory (2016)
    by The Taxpayers
  9. A Rhythm In The Cages (2009)
    by The Taxpayers
  10. Las Mentiras EP
    by Las Mentiras
  11. A Kali Yuga Opera
    by holy haunted head
  12. moon summer
    by towards the forest
  13. Fantastic
    by Marcus Koncar (r. Candall Lark)
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  14. Don't Knock
    by Marcus Koncar (r. Candall Lark)
  15. the Glow pt. 2
    by the Microphones
  16. 22, A Million
    by Bon Iver
  17. A Crow Looked At Me
    by Mount Eerie
  18. John Prine Live
    by John Prine
  19. Sleep Well
    by Electric President
  20. S/T
    by Electric President
  21. The Violent Blue
    by electric president
  22. SunnMoonnEclippse
    by Radical Face
  23. Pure Comedy
  24. Itasca Road Trip
    by Boreal Network
  25. A Rhythm In The Cages (2009)
    by The Taxpayers
  26. Modest Proposals Tour EP (2011)
    by The Taxpayers
  27. To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal (2010)
    by The Taxpayers
  28. Cold Hearted Town (2013)
    by The Taxpayers
  29. Exhilarating News (2007)
    by The Taxpayers
  30. Big Delusion Factory (2016)
    by The Taxpayers
  31. "God, Forgive These Bastards" Songs From The Forgotten Life Of Henry Turner (2012)
    by The Taxpayers
    Some Rotten Man Some Rotten Man
    Hey guys, I just got the record and the book in the mail and they're great, thank you! This album is one of the most important albums to me, and I'm super excited for the new album! I hope everything's going great for y'all!
  32. Molly Drake
    by Molly Drake
  33. How Sad, How Lovely
    by Connie Converse
  34. Giles Corey
    by Giles Corey
  35. My Back Is Killing Me Baby
    by Car Seat Headrest
  36. 3
    by Car Seat Headrest
  37. Little Pieces Of Paper With "No" Written On Them
    by Car Seat Headrest
  38. 2
    by Car Seat Headrest
  39. 1
    by Car Seat Headrest
  40. 4
    by Car Seat Headrest
  41. Starving While Living
    by Car Seat Headrest
  42. Logic Songs
    by Little Kid
  43. head is swiimming (2012 bedroom recordings)
    by Lady Lamb
  44. Twin Fantasy
    by Car Seat Headrest
  45. Nervous Young Man
    by Car Seat Headrest