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  1. Kaiho
    by KAUAN
    Siiville Nousu Siiville Nousu
  2. Destrier
    by Agent Fresco
    Pyre Pyre
    In the same vain as Leprous (touring together (Oct-Nov 2017)).
  3. Prophet of Despair
    Suneater Suneater
    Thall as thall.
  4. Heïa
    by Clément Belio
    Essence Essence
  5. Contrast
    by Clément Belio
    Revive Revive
  6. Neanderthal Nein
    by Meandering Mine
    Kanon Kanon
    Quite honestly the most progressive album I've ever listened to. It's really quite enjoyable too, once you acclimate. Very high replay value.
  7. Śūnyatā
    by Vipassi
    Jove Jove
    So fast and complicated but can really cut deep when you start to get a grip on the song movements. The "drops" come and go so quickly but are so good when you are intently listening
  8. The Animal You Are
    by SUMER
    Progenesis Progenesis
  9. Falling Into The Future
    by Of Human Thought
    Cyst Cyst
  10. Proxima
    by Clément Belio
  11. Two Is An Odd Even Number - Single
    by The Chestnuts
  12. Scattering
    by Progger
  13. Horizons EP
    by Tetrafusion
    Styrofoam Breath Styrofoam Breath
  14. Bridges of the South
    by Black Hill & Cousin Silas
  15. On a deserted path
    by Black Hill & Scott Snee
  16. A Series Of Disagreements
    by Instrumental (adj.)
    Fibonasty Fibonasty
    Some absolutely GNARLY prog.
  17. Skeleton Groove
    by Sonar
    String Geometry String Geometry
    Skeleton Groove is a very appropriate name.
  18. Flicker Away
    by KORONAL
  19. Odyssey to the West
    by Slice The Cake
    Unending Waltz Unending Waltz
  20. Odyssey to the Gallows
    by Slice The Cake
    Not gunna lie, was expecting less ambience and more climax, especially after devouring Odyssey to the West recently. I should've listened to them in order! I also wish the vocals were mixed a bit louder against the ambient because they are probably the best I've ever heard in this genre.