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  1. João Pessoa, Brazil
  2. Experimental
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  1. Coffins On Io
    by Kayo Dot
    The Mortality of Doves The Mortality of Doves
  2. Heavy Meddlers
    by Father Figure
    Ascension Ascension
    This young band is two full-length LPs into their career and already earned a perennial spot on the list of my favorite bands. Don't miss out on this stuff!
  3. Cyclelicoptippopacalypse
    by Infantephant
    Drognome Drognome
    this is what happens when you let Cheer-Accident cover Cogs in Cogs with Jon Anderson on vocals
  4. The Knells
    by The Knells
    Airlift Airlift
  5. Against This Weald
    by Ifing
    The Stream The Stream