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Marcin Wielewski

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  1. Tried and True
    by Tia Carrera
  2. Roman Acupuncture
    by BØLZER
  3. Spiral Shadow
    by Kylesa
    Cheating Synergy Cheating Synergy
    I love how they speed up and slow down in one track.
  4. Ultraviolet
    by Kylesa
    Unspoken Unspoken
    Amazing album from a band that uses two vocals male and female that swirl around groovy drums.
  5. In The Absence Of Truth
    by ISIS
    Dulcinea Dulcinea
    TOOL'ish rythms played with more angry vocals.
  6. The Wholly Other
    by Black Helium
    Hippie On A Slab Hippie On A Slab
    Psychedelic heavy rock, wonderful.
  7. Semantics
    by Taigan
    Jellyfish Blues Jellyfish Blues
    Short but awesome dirty blues!
  8. Nothing
    by Weedow
  9. Chapel Perilous
    by Gnod
    Donovan's Daughters Donovan's Daughters
    Amazing experimental kraut/acid rock. I love how they increase volume and power during track.
  10. Hymns for Wilderness
    by Dust Mountain
  11. Doubt Is My Rope Back To You
    by Get Your Gun
    Stray Stray
    Stunning album for dark rock lovers. Debut is more drummming, but now I hear some Dead Can Dance influences.
  12. Käampâla
    Konesay Konesay
    Funk rock with awesome drums. It reminds me of great bands from Japan, because of oriental singing.
  13. Octotanker
    by Prąd
    Nothing We Know Can Remain Nothing We Know Can Remain
    Noise influenced psychedelic rock, with high volume of rythm section. Splendid !
  14. Time Heals Nothing
    by Crowbar
    Through A Wall Of Tears Through A Wall Of Tears
    I've missed Crowbars gigs last year, but I'm having a second chance in june. Fat riffs played by fat guys. I loved their sound just a 2 years ago, not like others 20 years ago, and I regret those 18 wasted years!
  15. Split (Weedruid/Black Smoke)
    by Black Smoke
  16. Hightower
    by Thou
    Fucking Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean Fucking Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
    Best of the best, Thou rips souls and hearts.
  17. Over and Out
    by Moontoy
    Palliho Palliho
    Glad to have all Moontoy releases in collection, yet sad that it's guys farewell album.
  18. Another Planet, Another Love
    by Uranus Space Club
    It's been far to long in my wishlist. Another album,Another love! For thos who want to escape from boring riffs and ar lookign for something different, such as funk-stoner.
  19. Omnium Gatherum
    by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    Gaia Gaia
    The opening track rose the bar very high, and I expected much more like the stuff, but there isn't. Anyway there is a lot of great songs.
  20. No Help For The Mighty Ones
    by SubRosa
    Beneath The Crown Beneath The Crown
    I've discovered SubRosa through The Otolith latest release and they are both fantastic. This is highly addictive stuff. With two violins and tripple vocals I close my eyes and dive into beauty heaviness.