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Marcin Wielewski

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  1. Fear
    by Valkyrie
  2. Shadow Of The Machine (remastered)
    by The Machine
    Servus de Apparatus Servus de Apparatus
    This album has a perfect balance between desert and acid rock. It's full of bluesy songs expanded by lovely jams.
  3. Dead Roots Stirring (REMASTERED)
    by Elder
  4. Red Album
    by Baroness
    Rays On Pinion Rays On Pinion
    I can't find the words to describe the beauty of this album. It's both heart touching and kicking ass progressive metal. Deep throat vocals recognizeable by everybody.
  5. From All Purity
    by Indian
    Disambiguation Disambiguation
    Essential riffs from black side of metal. Despair leaks from harsh vomiting vocals, slow motion drums and anger.
  6. Monoliths
    by Turtle Skull
  7. Monoliths
    by Turtle Skull
  8. Stories of the astral lizard
    by The Re-Stoned
    Mental Print For Free Mental Print For Free
    This album tells the story of: zero = infinity, yesterday = tomorrow, here = there etc. The cover entice attention and gives idea of what to expect. ffo EARTH
  9. Our Mother Electricity
    by All Them Witches
    Right Hand Right Hand
    I suppose it's the origin of the ATW inspired band to play such lovely songs. This album starts hard to chill out at the end. On 1st of may 2019 I've had a pleasure to hear them playing live in Poznań.
  10. Legacy
    by Hypnos 69
    My Journey to the Stars My Journey to the Stars
    Progressive awesomeness. Sounding like recorded 30 years ago, this beauty has it all. I couldn't resist to buy on the occasion of 10th anniversary.
  11. The Path to the Deathless
    by Red Mesa
  12. Freedom's Goblin
    by Ty Segall
    Every 1's A Winner Every 1's A Winner
    Interesting collection of glam rock songs. The wide range of influences in this release brought my attention.
  13. Blessings of the Highest Order
    by Thou
    Scentless Apprentice Scentless Apprentice
    This is my third purchase from THOU, and I've never recognized any covers till now. Greatest Nirvana hits re-designed or sludged. Fuc*&^ KICK ASS! Downtuned bass in "Scentless Apprentice" is awesome.
  14. Rzeczom
    by Odraza
  15. Monoliths
    by Turtle Skull
  16. Clone Of The Universe
    by Fu Manchu
    IL Mostro Atomico IL Mostro Atomico
    Solid release from rocking master. This one has a lot of cosmic cruise feeling.
  17. Brain Cycles
    by Radio Moscow
  18. Man of Two Visions
    by Valkyrie
    Dawntide's Breeze Dawntide's Breeze
    As fresh as 80's NWOBHM, Beautifully mixed, like the record was made in my garage. Interesting solos separated by warm vocals.
  19. Fear
    by Valkyrie
  20. Shadows
    by Valkyrie
    Shadow of Reality Shadow of Reality
    I could write, that there isn't anything special about this music. However the these two guitar slide among songs are delicious. Sound here, so different to first 2 albums kick ass.