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Marcel Zaes

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  2. Experimental
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  1. Pieces in Space
    by Sammus
  2. Country Girl Uncut
    by Boy Harsher
  3. Grafts
    by Kara-Lis Coverdale
    Grafts Grafts
    Kara-Lis, thank you so much for this beautiful re-release of Grafts. What strong work.
  4. Jordan Dykstra: The Arrow of Time
    by Jordan Dykstra
    Magically silent music. Thank you!
  5. Catherine Lamb // point/wave
    by Giacomo Fiore
  6. Melt Map
    by kritzkom
    This sound world is different from anything I have known, so thank you for it.
    by 313 Acid Queen
  8. DRAFT
    by $3.33
  9. 313 Acid Queen
    by 313 Acid Queen
    Neighborhood (Michigan Avenue Acid) Neighborhood (Michigan Avenue Acid)
    A beautiful track; in fact, a beautiful album. I enjoy the roughness of the beats, their honesty, and the blend with location recordings. Congrats!
  10. Inner Garden
    by Travis Laplante, Yarn/Wire
    Inner Garden I Inner Garden I
    an unexpected sonic world that takes me to Mars or so! The laws of gravity seem reversed, how did you get rid of the boundaries between pitch, timbre, and rhythm? This is awesome.
  11. human nature
    by Karen Power
    How did you only manage to get rid of the nature/(wo)man binary? Your work is undoing some of the ideas that I had and definitely blurring the boundaries in a meaningful way. Thank you!
  12. Singapore Channelling
    by Inconsolable Ghost
    Singapore Channelling part 3 Singapore Channelling part 3
    The blending of low end, slow pulses, and an incredibly rich, at times overwhelming spectrum, is amazing. Thank you for not giving me what I expected, with this one.
  13. Is (Is Superpowered)
    by Kyoka
    Toy Planet Toy Planet
    A magical piece. I can't stop listening. Thanks for the relentless drive of it, and the many sonic surprises.
  14. Beat Tape? Vol. 1
    by K.Raydio
    gooddayanxiety gooddayanxiety
    This track is wonderfully over the top–I like it!
  15. Between Systems and Grounds
    by Paula Matthusen and Olivia Valentine
  16. to ocean [live 10/19/19]
    by Asha Tamirisa
    Such a strong sound world. Congratulations, Asha!
  17. Julius Eastman Piano Interpretations
    by Kukuruz Quartet
  18. In Unison
    by i.u
    Anna Xambó - Poème Symphonique For Tape Metronome: Variation I Anna Xambó - Poème Symphonique For Tape Metronome: Variation I
    Magical & textural.
  19. sounds like sewing machines
    by petra / Kristina Warren
    Thank you for such a radically rich yet deeply political piece! Thanks for supporting Campaign Zero.
  20. filament
    by petra / Kristina Warren