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  1. The Definitives
    by The Definitives
  2. Ingenue
    by Time Wharp
  3. Grand Guignol, Pere Ubu
    by Pere Ubu
    Toe To Toe Toe To Toe
    Billy Rose, legendary Broadway producer, wrote countless hits for the theater, launched countless careers: he knew when something was good.
    His favourite singer was Jane Froman: he was so taken with her bravura that he ran out of superlatives. One day he reportedly quipped that the ten best female singers in the world were “Jane Froman and nine others”.

    This is the point in the comment where you are allowed to add nine rock and roll band names.
  4. Opera riparata -Tribute to Bruno Munari
    by Økapi & Aldo Kapi Orchestra
  5. Canyon
    by Saloli
  6. i'm so lucky
    tapeworm tapeworm
  7. Cartoon Earthquake
    by Blondshell
    by Foreign Body
  9. Cubic Zirconia
    by Katy Kirby
  10. off my chest: 2012-2021
    by Anna McClellan
    She says: "just, yeah"

    I agree
  11. Frammenti
    by Francesco Gennari
  12. Vol. 1
    by Milo Korbenski
    Ghost Creator Ghost Creator
  13. Human and Kind
    by Folly Group
  14. tRn
    by litl itali
  15. Long Long Long (Acoustic)
    by Kate Davis
  16. crux
    by Glasser
  17. Let Me Unlock Your Full Potential
    by Rachael Lavelle
    what do you do, when you read a name in anna mieke's newsletter? (rhetorical question).
    “a friend”: unlike relatives, you choose them. Can she be wrong? (r. q. number 2). Kindred spirits always meet, one way or another

    a very firm force in her voice, with an underwater current that carries the omen of little emotional whirlwinds. A descendant of Miriam, the acrobatic dancer of the 40s?

    However: before now I had never thought about my full potential. I think one of those flying arrows hit me
  18. PRANG
    by Scattered Order
    Get the irony: “Everything happened in the beginning” could be said for most of the names who have a long history. But not them.
    These rascals still sound like children let loose in the control room. Hear them giggling looking around: "...and if I pull this lever?"

    Each card they play is never final, just a move in an infinite game – and part of the fun is also seeing how they come up with new magic tricks to amaze you.
    “Where is the windy gun?”, they ask – and you know they're up to something
  19. Under your hat
    by skipism
    ...and “wherever I lay my hat (that's my home)”, Marvin Gaye used to sing. What happens, then? It stays in your head, or spreads like pollen?
    Indeed, rather than creating out of thin air, skipism is giving you the key to decrypt: these sounds were already there, but you weren't able to read them.
    “Look!”. “...what?”. “Here: try with these”: you are given a pair of weird glasses, and all the hidden, alien flora & fauna that surround us can no longer remain invisible.

    Beauty, with a guided tour.
  20. Finally Salao
    by Burnt Bakarak
    Medium Term Memories Medium Term Memories