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Naturalist. Musician. Educator. Burner of Sludge. DIY Master. Gourmand Elite. Guitar Ninja. I possess a longtime, non-hipster love of vinyl. Still feel alienated by digital music, but working on it... Staying sane playing in the band Sludgeburner, and a few other projects to come up soon.
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  1. Devil Electric
    by Devil Electric
    Hypnotica Hypnotica
    Let's all be serious for a second. We don't even need to hear the album to know that it's going to be incredible. It's a no-brainer blind-buy for me. I'm not even thinking twice about it. Now we just hunker down and wait for this doom oeuvre to finally swoop in on us.
  2. Birds of Ill Omen
    by Solace
  3. Cherry Napalm
    by Devil's Witches
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    Cherry Napalm Cherry Napalm
  4. The Acoustic Sessions (Bonus)
    by Regulus
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    Son of a Witch [Acoustic] Son of a Witch [Acoustic]
  5. The Worst is Yet to Come
    by Two Pirates and a Dead Ship
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    Deeper Seas Deeper Seas
    Jams a-plenty. Mostly-instrumental stoner rock, with enough reverb-y and squishy parts to walk the plank into psych-infested waters. The album really begins to pick up and doesn't let go until the end. A promising release from this young Portuguese trio.
  6. A Sleepless Grey
    by Adrift For Days
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    Feast Of Fools Feast Of Fools
  7. severance
    by glaswegians
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    orwellian orwellian
    Befuddling, otherworldly, multi-instrumental prog. There is so much going on here, you might as well strap yourself in for the duration while you pick apart each new thing it throws at you. It's not so much an orchestral barrage, but a great album of lush ultra-layered vignettes.
  8. Cosmos Terros
    by Mt. Mountain
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Seek The Sun Seek The Sun
    Okay. It's settled. I'm officially in. I watched this gather dust on my wishlist for way too long, until the band literally released Dust. I saw the coming and going of the previous LP issues. I'm a bad person, I know. But now that I'm here, I hope we can all move on. Mt. Mountain makes me glad that we're all here to listen to such things as this psych rock brain candy.
  9. Blackbird
    by The Riven
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    One Last Time One Last Time
    Now that's some mighty fine a-pickin' and a-singin' right there. Soulful, classy, heavy, and worth every minute of your time. Incendiary bluesy rock and roll with sophistication and confidence, all the while maintaining the real classic vibe necessary to make this an album vital to your collection. In other words: man, can these dudes play, and jeez, can she sing! I need this on wax right now.
  10. Regulus EP
    by Regulus
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    Regulus Regulus
    Another party that I showed up late to. I see the spliffs are still burning in the ashtray, though. And the drinks are still cold. So I guess I'm not that late. Unchained, caveman Prog/Stoner/Proto Metal. Rough, busy, and driving. The kind of riffs you and your buds can make faces at each other while listening to them. The kind of solos that eat you for breakfast. The kind of music you want at your next work Xmas party. The kind of band you want to set up in your backyard. Wah University Alums.
  11. Sun Kids
    by Spaceface
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Parachute Parachute
    Some psych bands give me a symptom. This psych band gives me the antidote. If you have any ills or woes of the same issues, then this is the kind of thing you were missing in your life. Feeling low? Take as needed aurally for pain. Psych Rock Elite.