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  1. Closer To The Grave: 15 Year Compilation
    by Tor Johnson Records
    Gardening & Everything Involved Therein Gardening & Everything Involved Therein
  2. Black Rainbow - EP
    by The Black Heart Death Cult
    Black Rainbow Black Rainbow
  3. ĬİĨ
    by Einseinseins
    Psychotronics Psychotronics
    This one almost slipped right past me, all sneaky-like. How could something so monolithic just stroll right by me, unnoticed? SUPERB psych/Kraut rock/space rock with some sly grooves. This band is truly driven by the rhythm and melody. It's really fantastic. A real gem... A sneaky gem.
  4. House Of Waxwork Issue #1
    by Waxwork Records
    House Of Waxwork Theme House Of Waxwork Theme
  5. Leadfoot Tea - Coronet
    by Beluga Records
    Coronet Hemi Coronet Hemi
  6. Sand ≈ Return
    by King Bong
    Biondo (Lo Sai Di Chi Sei Figlio Tu?) Biondo (Lo Sai Di Chi Sei Figlio Tu?)
    Big BC surprise. Fine, fine psych, unfettered from the standard menu. Four courses, complete with an herbal sachet to use as you see fit. No matter what order you consume them in, or how much you consume, it's likely you'll be right back on the chowline when it's over. Dreamy, drizzled, and decadent helpings of gourmet psych rock cuisine.
  7. Stranger EP
    by Dumb Numbers
    I Am Nothing / Sometimes I Am Nothing / Sometimes
    I always check out what Adam Harding and his ever-changing crew of noise-makers are up to. Yeah, it's good. It wallows in synth darkness with nothing but a tiny LED light, stuck underneath a few rocks at the end of a long tunnel.
  8. Shadow Expert
    by Palm
    Trying Trying
    Sometimes when I skim Bandcamp Pond, I scoop up something unusual. These particular micro-invertebrates are squirmier than others. One has the impression that these organisms are just beginning to use their flagella, but upon closer inspection, the erratic flipping, twists & turns, and iridescent guttation are all part of it. Some sort of new algal formation, or some sort of cyanobacteria? Either way, it's pretty bizarre in its locomotion, and worth exploring further. I dig a Palm.
  9. Bird
    by Ex People
    Crested Crested
    2017 has brought us so many good albums already. This one is no exception. Crushing female-fronted stoner/alt-doom with a few nods to 90s grunge. A blast of cool breeze in a desert of hot air....
  10. Bright Curse
    by Bright Curse
    Mind Traveller Mind Traveller
    Why wouldn't I love this album? Classy tunes from a class act. Crossing my fingers for a vinyl reissue.
  11. IV
    by Psychic Temple
    Chris Schlarb obviously can't sit still. Psychic Temple continues to make baffling albums because of this.
  12. ELARA - Deli Bal
    by PsyKA Records
    Deli Bal (A1) Deli Bal (A1)
    Elara are in the psych rock elite, and they are still so new to the scene. A couple of recordings under their belt, each sounding more mature than the last, I'm anxious to see what they come up with next. This is prematurely in my "Best of 2017" list, and I'm pretty sure that's okay.
  13. The Wicked Ones
    by The Wicked Ones
    Rising Sun Rising Sun
  14. In the Early Hours
    by The Worship of Silence
    (It's not better than the) Drugs (It's not better than the) Drugs
    An association with Hammers of Misfortune (also somewhat associated with Slough Feg) makes this necessary. Word to the wise: Do not let these things get all mildewy in your wishlist like I tend to do. It's the stoner/doom you need.
  15. Amplified by the Sun
    by The Worship of Silence
  16. Reflections of a Floating World
    by Elder
    The Falling Veil The Falling Veil
    Picking up where Lore left off, Elder coaxes us into another psych/stoner haze. An almost Colour Haze haze, swirling with layers and ripples. I wouldn't have expected anything else from them, and that's alright, for sure. Soak it in.
  17. Devil Electric
    by Devil Electric
    Lady Velvet Lady Velvet
    Let's all be serious for a second. We don't even need to hear the album to know that it's going to be incredible. It's a no-brainer blind-buy for me. I'm not even thinking twice about it. Now we just hunker down and wait for this doom oeuvre to finally swoop in on us.
  18. Birds of Ill Omen
    by Solace
    Bird of Ill Omen Bird of Ill Omen
  19. Cherry Napalm
    by Devil's Witches
    Cherry Napalm Cherry Napalm
    Suitable accompaniment to the full LP. Good stuff.
  20. The Acoustic Sessions (Bonus)
    by Regulus
    Son of a Witch [Acoustic] Son of a Witch [Acoustic]
  21. The Worst is Yet to Come
    by Two Pirates and a Dead Ship
    Deeper Seas Deeper Seas
    Jams a-plenty. Mostly-instrumental stoner rock, with enough reverb-y and squishy parts to walk the plank into psych-infested waters. The album really begins to pick up and doesn't let go until the end. A promising release from this young Portuguese trio.
  22. A Sleepless Grey
    by Adrift For Days
    Feast Of Fools Feast Of Fools
  23. severance
    by glaswegians
    orwellian orwellian
    Befuddling, otherworldly, multi-instrumental prog. There is so much going on here, you might as well strap yourself in for the duration while you pick apart each new thing it throws at you. It's not so much an orchestral barrage, but a great album of lush ultra-layered vignettes.
  24. Cosmos Terros
    by Mt. Mountain
    Seek The Sun Seek The Sun
    Okay. It's settled. I'm officially in. I watched this gather dust on my wishlist for way too long, until the band literally released Dust. I saw the coming and going of the previous LP issues. I'm a bad person, I know. But now that I'm here, I hope we can all move on. Mt. Mountain makes me glad that we're all here to listen to such things as this psych rock brain candy.
  25. Blackbird
    by The Riven
    One Last Time One Last Time
    Now that's some mighty fine a-pickin' and a-singin' right there. Soulful, classy, heavy, and worth every minute of your time. Incendiary bluesy rock and roll with sophistication and confidence, all the while maintaining the real classic vibe necessary to make this an album vital to your collection. In other words: man, can these dudes play, and jeez, can she sing! I need this on wax right now.
  26. Regulus EP
    by Regulus
    Regulus Regulus
    Another party that I showed up late to. I see the spliffs are still burning in the ashtray, though. And the drinks are still cold. So I guess I'm not that late. Unchained, caveman Prog/Stoner/Proto Metal. Rough, busy, and driving. The kind of riffs you and your buds can make faces at each other while listening to them. The kind of solos that eat you for breakfast. The kind of music you want at your next work Xmas party. The kind of band you want to set up in your backyard. Wah University Alums.
  27. Sun Kids
    by Spaceface
    Parachute Parachute
    Some psych bands give me a symptom. This psych band gives me the antidote. If you have any ills or woes of the same issues, then this is the kind of thing you were missing in your life. Feeling low? Take as needed aurally for pain. Space/psych Rock Elite.
  28. Be Given to the Soil
    by Over the Ocean
    Arguing Philosophies Arguing Philosophies
    I'd like to take this time to extend a personal apology to Over The Ocean for not finding them sooner. Besides being not what I expected AT ALL, it's an incredible work. This feels like the end of Summer, the last scoop of ice cream, the final episode. It's melancholy, beautiful, spacious, bleak, and hopeful. And the heaviness of the rhythm is pretty stabby. Not your typical rock band...
  29. Nique Everything
    by Barren Womb
    White raven White raven
    Well, I'll be a gol' durned mud stompin', Junebug munchin' sumbitch. This here's hotter'n a hundred hamsters fartin' in a wool sack, and meaner than a skillet fulla rattlesnakes. Southern-Fried screaming noise from Norway. Loud enough to drive off any unwanted trespassers, hipsters, and pesky varmints.
  30. Years
    by Bartholomäus Traubeck
    Fraxinus (Ash) Fraxinus (Ash)
    This was bound to wind up in my collection at some point. So Avant Garde, I could almost hear the sneers from my less-nerdy metalhead brethren. But look, I'm a Naturalist, and this jives with me in lots of good ways. Vinyl recommended. The trees do talk, indeed.
  31. Rite of Ascension
    by Mammoth Storm
    Rite of Ascension Rite of Ascension
    Not sure why I'm so late to this doom soirée, but now that I'm here, we can start. This is some mighty fine, dirge-laden stoner doom. Two tracks are not really enough, but this will suffice.
  32. Bleak - Live at The Dread
    by Skullcave
    Bleak - Live at The Dread Bleak - Live at The Dread
    So, I thought it was warm in Australia. How is it that they churn out such cold-sounding bands when the weather is so nice? Post-doom, sludge, noise, drone... all in one track. It'll take you for a ride, but you'll be tied up and stuffed in a trunk on the way there.
  33. Ghastly Sound
    by Ghastly Sound
    Cape Buffalo Cape Buffalo
    Kinda takes your breath away doesn't it? A little dash of madness never hurt anybody... or does it? Four pulverizing songs of sludge-infused insanity. It makes my throat hurt a bit, actually.
  34. Dust
    by Mt. Mountain
    Dust Dust
    After listening on the sidelines for so long, I figured it was time to jump on the Mt. Mountain train. I was pulled in to the drone-y psych an album or two ago, but never pulled the trigger for any vinyl. That time is over.
  35. Black Book
    by Early Mammal
    Nice little psych tune in the groovy Early Mammal style.
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  36. Atlas 7"
    by Wight
    Atlas Atlas
    When Wight speaks, I listen. Awesome new song. Cool album cover. Necessary wax. Groove on, gents... groove on.
  37. Live At Dead Air
    by Tyler Daniel Bean / Au Revoir
    Willow pt. I & II Willow pt. I & II
  38. Abominable
    by Telekinetic Yeti
    Abominable Abominable
    Brothers in doom. I would have bought this album whether these dudes were my pals or not. It's an apocalyptic ride, this LP, helping to prove that our humble city on the river can and will produce earth-shattering riffs. Seek Iowa for your deliverance, friends, and ye shall be rewarded tenfold.
  39. DD Horns
    by DD Horns
    Aliso Canyon Rangers Aliso Canyon Rangers
    Smooth - smo͞oT͟H/ adj.
    1. having an even and regular surface or consistency; free from perceptible projections, lumps, or indentations.
    (of a liquid) with an even consistency; without lumps.
    "cook melody and grooves until the sauce is smooth"
    synonyms: creamy, velvety, blended
    "now you have a smooth sauce"
  40. nihsahshsaH
    by Hashshashin
    Immolation Immolation
  41. The Moon EP
    by Cambrian Explosion
    Looming Eye Looming Eye
    This is really good. Trust me. Psych Rock madness, teetering on being a bit stonery here and there. It zig-zags around from gorgeous melodies to dark passages into galaxies unknown. There's something vaguely European about them, and like another reviewer, I was very surprised at where they are from. Just check it out, and also be surprised.
  42. Everything You Do Scares Me
    by Tyler Daniel Bean
    Year Of The Snake Year Of The Snake
  43. On Days Soon To Pass
    by Tyler Daniel Bean
    Willow II Willow II
    Well, well, well... here's a superb slab of dark Americana/Indie-Pop that really stands out. This sat in my wishlist for shockingly too long. TDB is a great songwriter, and the accompanying band truly makes this an awesome album, from beginning to end. A little dreamy, a little dark, a little hopeful, and a little breathtaking. Banishes the Indie-Pop urges nicely! Recommended!
  44. In Tensions
    by Lo-Pan
    Go West Go West
    This Lo-Pan E.P. can be summed up with simply this: Bang! Pow! Ka-BOOM! Snap! Crack! Slice! Drip-drip-drip... Thump! Ka-BLOOEY! Shweeeee... BLAM-O! ---- ouch. ... and repeat...
  45. Colonial Militia Vol 2
    by Orango
    Intermezzo: Tenerae Caesar (Part 2) Intermezzo: Tenerae Caesar (Part 2)
    I'll forgo the wisecracking and sarcasm to say simply this: Orango are awesome. Not a bad song in the bunch, on any album. They just make good music. These guys should be everywhere. Classic/Southern/Blues rock of the highest order.