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  1. Introjektion
  2. DEMO 2017
  3. The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos
    by Sulphur Aeon
  4. Masquerade
    by Powergame
    Powergame Powergame
  5. Cruel Magic
    by Satan
  6. Sprengstoff
    by Skalar
  7. Sprengstoff
    by Skalar
  8. No dread to kill
    by Messerschmitt
  9. White Horse Hill
    by Solstice
    To Sol A Thane To Sol A Thane
  10. Hällas - S/T
    by Hällas
  11. Witches Wrath
    by V.A.
  12. Incantations Of Decay
    by Black Wasteland
  13. Dehydration
    by Black Wasteland
  14. Satanic Panic
    by STALKER
    Satanic Panic Satanic Panic
  15. Drums in the Deep
    by Various Artists
  16. Sumerlands
    by Sumerlands
  17. Lightning Wheel
    by RID
  18. To Sol A Thane
    by Solstice
  19. Tyrants
    by Lost World Order
    Combat Zone Combat Zone
  20. Prelude
    by Wytch Hazel
  21. Cult Of Fire - Čtvrtá Symfonie Ohně
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  22. Marauders
    by Lost World Order
    21st Century Threat 21st Century Threat
  23. Void Nexus Demo
    by THE FOG
  24. Angel of damnation 7"EP
  25. Hades Triumphant/Bell of Tarantia
    by Funeral Circle
  26. Bell of Tarantia
    by Gatekeeper
  27. As Once Was
    by The Temple
    Footprints Footprints
  28. Under Carpathian Sun (Demo)
    by Lord Vigo
  29. Conqueror
    by Sons of Crom
  30. Satan's Throne
    by Schafott
  31. Victory EP
    by Sons of Crom
  32. Demo 2014
    by Numenorean
  33. deep deep down they sleep
    by Sulphur Aeon
  34. Sulphur Psalms Demo
    by Sulphur Aeon
  35. Built for Speed
    by Speedbreaker
    Fire in the Sky Fire in the Sky
  36. Combat Metal
    by Ranger
  37. New Dark Age
    by Solstice
    Alchemiculte Alchemiculte
  38. Death's Crown Is Victory
    by Solstice
    I Am The Hunter I Am The Hunter
  39. Possessor - City Built With Skulls
    by Slaney Records