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  1. 1050 Years of Pagan Cult
    by Graveland
    The Night of Fullmoon The Night of Fullmoon
  2. Człowiekskrywazło
    by Fulgurum
    Słowiańskość Serca Słowiańskość Serca
    Extremely authentic, variable work! Pure pleasure to the ears, but may not be as satisfying for lovers of canonical black metal. Very entertaining album. The song development and riffs are great. I could hear that after first 10 seconds of listening. Song intros are really creative. Vocals vary in very experimental ways. This album is a true work of art!
  3. Daemoniacal
    by Chainerdog
    Dead Dead
    One of the best black metal acts of all time, severely underrated. Amazing textures, riff work mind-blowing. All of that is only matched by how entertaining and melodic the album is. The development throughout each song is the signature of Chainerdog.
  4. Apocalyptic Witchcraft
    by Petrychor
    Apocalyptic Witchcraft Apocalyptic Witchcraft
  5. Circumambulating the Stillborn
    by Serpents Lair
    Epipháneia Epipháneia
  6. AKOMAN "Devouring The Divine Light" Digipack
    by Tribulacion Productions - Underground Necro Metal Art
    Триединый (Triune) Триединый (Triune)
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  7. Another Chapter in the Book of Empty Pages
    by Damon Morder
    Unsettled Notion Unsettled Notion
  8. Vargsang - In The Mist Of Night
    by Vargsang
    The Cosmic Gate The Cosmic Gate
    Vargsang is one of the best black metal bands that ever existed. Their sound is absolutely perfect in my opinion. In addition, Vargsang is permeated with catchy authentic melodies, which is so rare for the vast majority of black metal bands. In The Mist Of Night possesses all of these supreme qualities. The long wait crowned with great reward for Vargsang's fans.
  9. Bedtime Stories
    by Bizarre Noir
    Pinata Pinata
    It's just a complete match. I needed only 30 seconds of preview to realize how amazing this album is. It is perfect. Initially it was the cover that captivated me. The music is both technically complex and pleasantly melodic. It reminds me of 2 of my favorite bands: Acid Bath (Dax Riggs' vocals in particular) and Bauhaus (haunted tunes and intonations in the voice like that of Peter Murphy). Although it reminds me of those bands, the music is obviously original and authentic.
  10. In The Image Of Man
    by FORGOT
    May I Kill Myself May I Kill Myself
    I've been waiting for this release ever since I heard Forgot the first time in 2007. Wisard is a great musician and I love Forgot music.
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  11. No Morrow Shall Dawn
    by THY LIGHT
    Wanderer of Solitude Wanderer of Solitude
  12. No help is coming (Album)
    by Deadlife
    No place for joy No place for joy