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  1. Hirsch and the Minglers Live at The Colony, Tulsa. March 17, 2018
    by Scott Hirsch
    by GOD vs. BALKAN MAN
  3. You and I
    by Mogwai
  5. Cycles
    by Appalaches
  6. Monochrome Noise Love
    by kokomo
  7. Unearthing
    by Into Orbit
  8. Seanné
    by Seanné
  9. Leave
    by Sadness
  10. Identity
    by Ayden
  11. Open Language: Volume IIII [Side A]
    by A Thousand Arms
  12. Selected Works
    by Caleb R.K. Williams
  13. If I Lose My Youth | 如果我失去了青春
    by Zhaoze
  14. OK Seas
    by OK Seas
  15. Strawberry Mansion/Twelve Hours
    by X SUNS
  16. Through a Glass, Darkly
    by Through a Glass, Darkly
  17. Dysphorie
    by All Unspoken Words
  18. Once We Knew the World Well
    by Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters
  19. Unforgotten
    by Adam Fielding
  20. The 3 EPs
    by OK Seas