This is manowar’s music collection on Bandcamp.


  1. Metal
  1. collection 388
  2. followers 20
  3. following 89
    by Battle Born
  2. One Man Army - Reinforced Edition
    by Eld Varg
  3. Tales From the Edge of Time
    by Númenor
  4. It Came From The Stars
    by Crimson Dawn
  5. Project: Roenwolfe
    by Project: Roenwolfe
  6. ...Unto the Breach
    by Sellsword
  7. ...And Now We Ride
    by Sellsword
  8. Violent Creed Of Vengeance
    by Smoulder
  9. Screamworks
    by Silver Bullet
  10. Rogue Five
    by Admire The Grim
  11. Femina Furens
    by Djunah
  12. Imperial Dawn
    by REXORIA
  13. Immemorial
    by Ravenlight
  14. The Side Quest (Throne Of Iron Half)
    by Throne Of Iron
  15. From Western Shores
    by Gatekeeper
  16. Grey Maiden
    by Gatekeeper
  17. Nocturnal Gates
    by Freedom of Fear
  18. Carpathia
    by Freedom of Fear
  19. IV
    by Iron Void
  20. Eradication
    by Sisters Of Suffocation