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Alex Alexander

  1. Madison, Wisconsin
  2. Ambient
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  1. who told you to think??!!?!?!?!
    by milo
    magician (suture) magician (suture)
  2. over the carnage rose a voice prophetic
    by scallops hotel
    trumpet sound trumpet sound
  3. Kemri
    by Satomimagae
    Mebuki Mebuki
  4. Alwasta
    by Oddisee
    No Reservations No Reservations
  5. torn between comas
    by falls
    stray_46 stray_46
  6. Time Without Consequence
    by Alexi Murdoch
    Breathe Breathe
    a warm folk heart shrouded in just enough experimental soundscapeyness to emphasize the metaphysical. lyrically, these are songs to live by, for anyone who's "just a spirit trying to be human".
  7. Strange Durations
    by Edmondson
    Song Cycle Song Cycle
    I feel it down in my bones
    it's something that I don't know
    when you're around I'm all right
    I set my sights on the sounds
  8. Joan Shelley
    by Joan Shelley
    We'd Be Home We'd Be Home
    some of the most gorgeous, natural guitar work I've ever heard, lyrics getting to the simple cores of human experience, through a pure yet heart-full voice.
  9. A703 Deluxe Edition
    by Naal
    The Hell We Carry With Us The Hell We Carry With Us
    exemplary ambient guitar music, patient and wrought with spiritual tension. a cohesive narrative unfolds across the album with a fluid slowness like a current felt subtly beneath the ripples. and even manages to use drums without reverting to conventional rhythmic structure! purely adrift.
  10. Sidelong
    by Sarah Shook & the Disarmers
    Keep the Home Fires Burnin' Keep the Home Fires Burnin'
  11. Brian Johannesen
    by Brian Johannesen
    Movin' On (Woman From Lexington) Movin' On (Woman From Lexington)
  12. The Iceberg
    by Oddisee
    Digging Deep Digging Deep
  13. The Odd Tape
    by Oddisee
    Alarmed Alarmed
  14. Telefone
    by Noname
    Yesterday Yesterday
  15. raw navel
    by Pink Navel
  16. Resonant Moments
    by Andrew Tasselmyer
    York York
  17. sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit
    by courtney barnett
    Pedestrian At Best Pedestrian At Best
  18. Spiral Revelation
    by Steve Roach
    We Continue We Continue
  19. The Second Floral EP
    by Floral
    Town Picnic Town Picnic
    Warm, colorful, tuneful math rock powered by a streamlined duo of guitar and drums. Impressive musicianship, tasteful restraint. Emotionally it's mostly pastoral and energetic-yet-relaxed; occasional blue notes, jazzy left turns in chord progressions, and chromatic tapping runs lend it a slightly chaotic / unpredictable edge that stops the mood from turning fully hum drum or vanilla. These buds have done a lot with just a couple simple ingredients, and that is very satisfying to hear.
  20. lava land
    by piglet
    caramel caramel
    Classic math rock with playful vibes, tight drumming that loosens up at just the right times, a variety of colorful midrangey guitars, and enough streamlined energy to pack some punch.
  21. Lave
    by Lonelyspeck
    Settle Settle
    Intimate, dreamy experimental r&b about learning to embrace the complicated relationship with your own physical body. Textures are so crisp and close that you can hang on every breath in the vulnerable, gently heart-rending vocals. Steady, unhurried beats feel like ticking clocks, the sound of time passing; there's a sense of slow but unrelenting change and growth. And the tactile, bristling synths and mixed-in field recordings give the music a physicality connected to touch and place.

    This is the first music I've heard in my life that feels like it speaks directly to my personal experience of the relationship between body, self and gender. For that I think it will always hold a special place in my heart.
  22. Presence, Volume 2
    by Andrew Tasselmyer
    2 - A (Reels) 2 - A (Reels)
  23. raw navel
    by Pink Navel
    nonbinary rap inner anthems
  24. Out of Body
    by mouse on the keys
    Intro Intro
  25. Monobody
    by Monobody
    Lifeguard of a Helpless Body Lifeguard of a Helpless Body
  26. oldthought
    by falls
    is found is found
    Airy, soothing ambient samples in layers like clouds passing by each other. Softly punctuated by simple but stylish hip hop beats. With warm comforting bass swelling in to fill up the core.
  27. ash fragment
    by falls
    fracture fracture
  28. Stillness In Wonderland
    by Little Simz
    Picture Perfect Picture Perfect
    Raw, smart, poised, confident rapping framed by badass-yet-classy productions: well-placed guitar licks, low-riding beats, synths funky and ethereal--even saxophones. With her words, Simbi portrays individual creativity as a source of power, but she also acknowledges the importance of staying in touch with the not-all-rosy realities (societal and personal). The cohesiveness of her productions and lyrical ideas makes this record a world unto itself.
  29. so the flies don't come
    by milo
    souvenir ft Hemlock Ernst souvenir ft Hemlock Ernst
    A complete gem of distinctive, thought provoking abstract rap. Love the jazzy vibes and just-off-enough beats. Milo sounding tighter and more cohesive than ever. This record never leaves my rotation.
  30. Stadium Cake
    by Oh Pep!
    Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor
    Musically, a masterful work of whimsical indie pop with curlicued 60s-esque productions. The lyrical themes of anxiety, depression, difficult relationships and isolation take it all to another level though. Pleasingly colorful and dynamic sounds give the sense of a world that is beautiful enough to be worth struggling for, while the human resonance of the lyrics' stories prevents the beauty from feeling superficial. So, experiential beauty and human struggles give each other meaning here.
  31. blisters
    by serpentwithfeet
    four ethers four ethers
    Epic r&b melodramas, startling in their intimacy. In each song, a minimal repeating sample forms a fragile spine to the unsettlingly expressive and trembling lead vocal. When washes of sound suddenly flush in to accentuate the most passionate moments, it's nothing short of breathtaking. Completely stops me in my tracks.
  32. This Wilderlessness
    by Yamon Yamon
    Alonso Alonso
    The emotional tone of this record sits in a special nebulous place somehow between mellow optimism and depressive malaise. Thoughtful and deeply tuneful guitars link squarely with tight drum grooves that are restrainedly simple but nuanced. And each song in the album's sequence leans just enough in a new direction (more intimate, more layered, more upbeat, stripped down, etc) to keep things engaging while still feeling centered.
  33. meditation [.ep]
    by jinsang
    umbrella umbrella
    I find consolation in the ways these blooming piano samples, flowing strings, & wide open grooves gel perfectly together.
  34. Somnium
    by Gardens
    moonlit fields of amber moonlit fields of amber
    Stunning first album! Both calm and tense, still and flowing, spacious and concentrated... There's a cool somber emptiness here, but also a warm tenderness surrounding that space. The album progresses from being somewhat tense and melancholy, into more relaxed and open (but darker) moments, and by the last few songs it's fully soothing and intimate.
  35. Construct e.p. (neji-183)
    by Satanicpornocultshop
    More Light More Light
    Frantic beats and screwed samples evolve from song to song in paradoxically smooth ways. The textures shine from a touch of glossy sonic veneer a la vaporwave, but driven by beats with way more energy and quirkiness than anything sat within that genre. Tie it all into a concise bite-size package, and this is quite the delightful nugget.
  36. send_return
    by The Atlas Amp
    send_return send_return
    Mesmerizing overlapping Euclidean rhythms, all centered around a warm n' fuzzy tape loop like particles orbiting around a dying sun.
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  37. All Is Illusory
    by The Velvet Teen
    Sonreo Sonreo
    Gorgeous subtle melancholy, beautifully yearning vocal inflections, hypnotic rolling drum grooves. And then there's tunes bursting with aerodynamic energy, bubbling with spacey sounds, soaring on melodies.
  38. Puzzle Gallery
    by Euglossine
    Bezier Puzzle Bezier Puzzle
  39. Les Passagers - Mostla Tape
    by Les Passagers
    Au bout du fil Au bout du fil
    Smoothest of the smooth, easy light seduction. Excellent for floating about, cooking a pasta dinner, or driving leisurely at night.
  40. ambient works vol. 1
    by danny barnes
    fence post fence post
    Weirdo combo of banjo pickin' and guttural, primordial synthbass-beats. I always tilt my head to one side a bit, stick my tongue in my cheek, and groove to this with a kind of breezily defiant and good-natured feeling in my step.
    by Hotel Neon
  42. Remnants
    by Hotel Neon
    Cascading Cascading
  43. Live on WPRB
    by Hotel Neon
    Deluge (Live on WPRB) Deluge (Live on WPRB)
  44. h ie r o gl y phs
    by Infinite Third
    subscriber exclusive
  45. Yes Lawd!
    by NxWorries
    Livvin Livvin
    Dusty soul beats, expertly chopped. Raunchy rap verses, brimming with charisma and style. Layers of gospel backing-vocal harmonies, golden. Flows ultra smoothly, more like a mixtape or jam session than an album, but the themes and stories in each individual track connect and reinforce each other to form a cohesive vibe / world / narrator / groove. PS love the surprises that arise from monologue-based tracks, where colliding rhythms of speech and beats make an aleatoric hip hop.