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  1. mythrality
    by imminent
  2. RAR003 Overneed
    by Codex Empire
  3. Interference Pattern - Cast Out
    by Blame records
  4. We Are Here To Ruin Your Life
  5. Burning The Rural District
    by Phase Fatale
  6. azathoth
    by flint glass
  7. Anthropocene
    by LITH
  8. Idle Lines
    by Defrag
  9. Night Wounds Time
    by antechamber (incl. YURA YURA remix)
  10. Losing Sight LP (SCXLP01)
    by SNTS
  11. The Rustling Of The Leaves LP
    by SNTS
  12. Hoberth
  13. carnage
    by stendeck
  14. psychopomps
    by flint glass
  15. Sevde
    by Codex Empire
  16. Rogue, Undercover
    This Is So Weird Richard This Is So Weird Richard
    5/5, would go gay for Richard
  17. Schwarz
    by Rendered
  18. A Modern Dialect
    by Blakk Harbor
  19. Archaic Idol [PM002]
    by Antechamber
  20. Broken by Fear
    by Codex Empire