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  1. Rogue, Undercover
    This Is So Weird Richard This Is So Weird Richard
    5/5, would go gay for Richard
  2. Schwarz
    by Rendered
  3. A Modern Dialect
    by Blakk Harbor
  4. Archaic Idol [PM002]
    by Antechamber
  5. Broken by Fear
    by Codex Empire
  6. It's happening again!
    by Cruise [Ctrl]
  7. Remission
    by Glanko
  8. Protected By Rage
    by Codex Empire
  9. Precipice EP (SCX04)
    by Codex Empire
  10. Rift
    by Antechamber
  11. Ruin
    by detritus
  12. Krude
    by Blakk Harbor
  13. Slow Erosion
    by Codex Empire
    Kanaga Kanaga
  14. Antechamber
    by Antechamber
  15. Codex Empire - Assuming the Posture of Death
    by Various Artists
  16. Gone
    by detritus
  17. Señales (FMR 003)
    by Geistform
  18. Invisible hands
    by Huron
  19. end.user - shut down EP STDIGI011
    by end.user
  20. Not Today: 2007-2015
    by Freeze Etch