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  1. I Need You
    by The Stone MG's
    "I need you" by the Stone MG's convinces with fantastic baselines, reminding of "the Gossip" and dope vocals revealing resemblance to "the black keys". The lyrics are deep but rather easy in their rhyme format. That does not change what a great tune this is though!
  2. Chosen Sons
    by Post Death Soundtrack
    Chosen son is the type of goth/industrial music I normally would stay clear off. I can still acknowledge a well produced piece of music. The vocals are placed precisely between electro beats and slightly pop-like melodies. Nevertheless, it is a bit too dark and dooming for me. If you are a fan of this type of music I am sure you will enjoy it all the same.
  3. Fields Amaze
    by Patrick Grant
    Fields Amaze is an album full of music-fields a maze of sounds and instruments. Grants word play of sTrange music may not be intentionally but it surely fits well. Trange (plural of trang) is a norwegian word meaning urge. His music to me showcases an urgency for expressing oneself. The dramatic ensemble of melodies seems like a call to the vast openness of ones surroundings. Definitely an interesting experience!
  4. If You Could See Yourself
    by H!
    The music by Howard Beard-Marlowe takes you on a journey with manifold facets. His lyrics are personal, honest and unforgiving messages to himself.
    Because all songs present a different style of music you might not find yourself liking all tracks. But listening to all songs is part of the experience and if you listen carefully the songs may ring a bell inside of you. And maybe Howard Beard-Marlowe brings us to the beginning of our own self-reflection journey.
  5. All the Water
    by Deb Montgomery
    All the Water All the Water
    Deb Montgomery persuades with strong, sincere and authentic words, whilst the music ensemble follows her story softly in the background. It is Music that invites you to listen to stories and get lost in memories of the artist. Montgomery shows a spectrum of tones in her voice, which makes every song sound special. Especially "Mend" demonstrates a high quality in voice exploration, whereas "All the Water" catches one with its suasive tune.
  6. Bare Grits
    by ButchQueen & the Bad Habits
    Short and to the point do ButchQUeen & the Bad Habits present their rock and ska influenced sound in their upbeat song "bare grits". They play fast, loud and honest - what else can you ask for?
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  7. Raven King
    by Raven King
    Lost Token Lost Token
    Already the cover of the album Raven King had me interested. The Artwork is simply wonderful. The songs show a variety of styles - from softer guitar riffs to grungy sounds. Sometimes, ,the vocals seem a bit insecure, giving the songs an almost shy appearance. Other times they are off key, but it seems like they are purposefully placed that way. Never the less a great album that features music perfect for a road trip or dreamy days.
  8. Compromise
    by Night Herons
    Night Herons will take you back in time with their classical rock n' roll sound, guitar grunge and lovely lyrics. A crescendo of diverse sounds will accompany you on your journey. Enjoy !
  9. Brainforest
    by zenxienz
    Insignia Insignia
    Just as synapses in the brain form electrical impulses into information, zenxiez forms his impressions into a bundle of notes and melodies. It is chaotic, overwhelming and somehow haunting. But after all: facing your own mind always is! Definitely not music for everyone but if you are ready to dive into experimental mind music, jump!
  10. Big Brother
    by Staring Into Nothing
    Big brother is filled with interesting melodies, changing from slow melancholic music to fast upbeat soft rock. Especially the intro guitar is a real treat for the ears.
    Only downside are the sometimes quite predictable and trivial parts of the lyrics. But the message is clear and definitely worth listening to.
  11. Forget
    by Matteo Scher
    Soft, smooth sounds that vibrate with lucid, laconic and sometimes lament lyrics.
    Miscellaneous and melancholic melodies accompany the lyrics, forming an overall soothing and interesting music experience.
  12. lp1
    by hundredmillionthousand
    D'OM D'OM
    An interesting mix of spirituality, mystic and old school hip hop have been incorporated to a net of ear -nourishing sounds. It is special and dark, haunting and giving, definitely not for everyone. You have to open up and let all the different aspects of the music drain into your body to at least try to understand.
  13. Pulsar
    by Philipp Kessler
    Even without the album cover being a big hint on where his creativity comes from, Pulsar takes you on a journey through space and time. The feeling, of gliding through space on the melody Philipp Kessler created, is intense and an interesting contrast to the understanding of time that gets propagated in our lives. Close your eyes and get transported to a place where time works differently.
  14. As Long As I'm Alive
    by Eric Frisch
    Relaxing melodies and intriguing lyrics create a wonderful feel to these songs. Especially interesting is 'As long as I'm alive', as Eric Frisch improvised all the lyrics on the spot. Because the songs have been recorded in one take it feels like a throwback to old times, where songs were recorded straight onto the spinning vinyls. A great collection of songs, which will go straight to your heart.
  15. Insane
    by Ivan Beecroft
    The album “Dirty Lie“ is a compilation of well written rock songs. The music is on point, the lyrics are interesting, but sometimes hard to understand over the music. Ivan Beecrofts voice is slightly off key from time to time, but fits in perfectly with the crunchy sounds he is presenting throughout the album.
  16. Self-Aware [Single]
    by Julien the Child
    Upbeat song with deep lyrics. His voice changes from soft to scratchy in a split second, which gives the song a rock twist.
    Can’t wait for more!
  17. This Fire Has Burned Too Long
    by Eric Anders
    Wonderfully composed music, with soft and thoughtfully placed harmonies.
    The fire burned too long wins over with its piano, hitting chords off-beat and bringing a special dynamic into the song. Anders’ voice is complementing his words and melodies, touching your heart and will reach yours soul – just open up to a diverse album, with surprises in every song.
  18. Wash Me
    by Jay Regan
    Right Between the Eyes Right Between the Eyes
    Jay Regan’s songs are a combination of old school and modern rock and, apart from the “Whiskey Song”, which didn’t provide any good lyrics and was rather disappointing, are worth listening to. Considering as well, that Jay Regan plays all the parts in his project himself we must appreciate the effort that went into his CD.
    For rock lovers this CD will be a great addition to their CD shelves. To all the other music lovers: Lean back and enjoy this music from colliding times.
  19. Bury My Bones in Arkansas
    by Silver Lake 66
    Country music as we know it: Good lyrics, which tell a story about love, loss and weird characters. Great guitar solos and soft groovy drums accompany this collection of songs from Silver Lake 66. The voices of Jeff Overbo and Maria Francis build a great duet in low pitch, due to their deep and soft tone. In general Maria Francis’ voice tends to be a bit squeaky and therefore, slightly arduous to listen to.
  20. Collapse
    by Saint Blasphemer
    Cool cracking music, with clear and carefully thought out lyrics. The arrangements are precise, they give space for guitar solos and are emphasizing the strong lyrics. Saint Blasphemer is supposed to have an amazing live show and while listening to the music I can really imagine the live performance being even better than this EP.
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