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Shannon Routley

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  1. Flunked
    by Tipper
    Usul Usul
    What can you say - it's Tipper. Technical, funky, hits deep, cuts like a knife, attacks your ears, but you can't stop listening, too late, foot-a-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-pat-tap.
  2. Its Like
    by Tipper
    Its Like Its Like
  3. Absence of Motion
    by Alphaxone
    Intro Intro
  4. Altered Dimensions
    by Alphaxone
    Encounters Encounters
    Gets under your skin, and awakens primordial memories.

    Completely immersing and engages the senses.
  5. âme
    by Unlogic Thing
    Prologue Prologue
    Not your sleepy ambience fare, this is deep, involving music. It's sheer immensity will pull you in. Excellent dynamics and recording, make sure to listen on a top notch system.
  6. Forward Escape
    by Tipper
    Gulch Gulch
  7. Before it finds you
    by Proem
    Stone into gravel Stone into gravel

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  1. After Dark
    by D. Batistatos