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  1. House Breakfast
    by Pumodi
  2. The Harvey Finevoice Christmas Album
    by Lewis Lovhaug and Jamie Soar
  3. Always Be Running III: A Netrunner Album
    by Tripp Mirror
  4. Empire
    by Mosh
  5. The FA Collection 7
    by Fox Amoore
  6. Kenny Rulz OK (NITW Covers)
    by Kennyoung
  7. Glitch of Consciousness
  8. The Moment of Death
    by Autumn Creatures
  9. The Chase EP
    by Tripp Mirror
  10. High Tech Low Life
    by ChronoWolf
  11. The Fandom - The official Soundtrack
    by Foxes and Peppers
    The Last Summer of Innocence - Original Mix The Last Summer of Innocence - Original Mix
    I helped back The Fandom. I don't think there was a level that included the soundtrack, but I got it as soon as I could (and when there was a first Friday so Foxes and Peppers could get more.)
  12. A Pretty Bad Good
    by The Grumbles
    Hard Drive Hero Hard Drive Hero
    I've been a fan of The Grumbles for quite some time (before they were The Grumbles, even.) They have an amazing sound.
  13. Ghosts EP
    by MandoPony
    Kids I Used to Know Kids I Used to Know
    I stumbled onto Ghosts while searching for covers of Night in the Woods song and it was incredible.
  14. Lost Constellation
    by Alec Holowka
  15. FoxTail, Ch. 1-3 (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Vlad Plotnikov
  16. Shave My Balls (feat. Cosmic)
    by Terroriser
  17. Arcanium
    by Pumodi
  18. Dream Tunes & Dragon Tales
    by Alexander James Adams
  19. The Darkness
    by Scandroid
  20. Power Rangers Redux
    by Ron Wasserman