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  1. Invisible Dance
    by Fairly Wired
  2. 拉斯维加斯笨小孩
    by Cheesemind
  3. 甜美難忘夜
    by The White Tulips
  4. Nor let the fools mistake love
    by aliceffekt
  5. Hundred Rabbits
    by aliceffekt
  6. Accursed be it to the aeons Hell
    by aliceffekt
  7. 明天废墟 Ruins Alone: Tomorrow Ruins
    by Ruins Alone
  8. I see The Light Before Our Planet Explode
    by I See The Light Before Our Planet Explodes
  9. Seeds
    by Fairly Wired
  10. bury me at makeout creek
    by Mitski
  11. Retired from Sad, New Career in Business
    by Mitski
  12. LUSH
    by Mitski
  13. High Rise II
    by High Rise
  14. Stonehenge
    by RUINS
    by Koenji Hyakkei
  16. Tzomborgha
    by RUINS
  17. Burning Stone
    by RUINS
  18. GOLD
  19. At Your Desk
    by Larry Gus
  20. I Need New Eyes
    by Larry Gus