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  1. Triple xXx EP
    by Collectif Tricot
  2. Tropical Trash / Brutal Birthday split 7"
    by Maple Death Records
  3. Your Hair Turned Silver, Yet There's A Long Way To Go
    by Lisa Smirnova
  4. Archetypal
    by Paleowolf
  5. Primordial
    by Paleowolf
  6. Prehistoric Meditations
    by Paleowolf
  7. Megalitheon
    by Paleowolf
  8. Héḱmō (Stone)
    by Paleowolf
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. Ofnir
    by Heilung
  10. Колискова Для Ворога | Lullaby For The Enemy
    by Стасік
  11. Halo
    by Juana Molina
  12. Take on me
    by Satellite Young
  13. 2.11.14
    by Hauschka
    Overwhelmingly free, completely shaken up by the liberty your music inspires. Thank you.
  14. What If
    by Hauschka
  15. Coma
    by Mingle
  16. Piano
    by Razi Ben-Ezzer
  17. The Cat-Woman
    by HorrorBabble
  18. Upanayana EP
    by Paul Mørk
  20. Ohne Zukunft
    by Hålbå
    Heidniches Ritus (Paul Mørk Remix) Heidniches Ritus (Paul Mørk Remix)
    Future? Impression of a somewhat primitive resistance. LOVE the powerful humour in the last track.
  21. McGill's Appointment
    by HorrorBabble
  23. Le Grand Incendie de Londres (extrait)
    by Lucien Rapilly
    Taken by a strange curiosity you might find yourself listening to this again and then again...look forward to hearing the integral version!
  24. Non Virtual Reality. SEMANTICA 108
    by Jonas Kopp
  25. Weltschmerz
    by Charlotte de Witte
  26. Sehnsucht
    by Charlotte de Witte
    Sehnsucht (Original Mix) Sehnsucht (Original Mix)
    Exquisite and musical, I love the subtle irruptions of delayed/left behind noises like obsessional reminders of an irresistible force if not of a disfunction. Definitely follow your further works.
  27. SPORTIV001
    by Cosmin TRG
  28. Edge of Everything (Digital Album)
    by Paula Temple
  29. Deathvox
    by Paula Temple
  30. The Mark on the Wall
    by HorrorBabble
    Thanks for this female friendly album. The voice of Jennifer Gill is perfect. More of these please.
  31. Silence Slowly and Madly Shines
    by The Psychotic Monks
    Part 4 : Those Twisted Things Part 4 : Those Twisted Things
  32. Bowl Cuts
    by Dr. Duloc
  33. La mala educación
    by Reeko
  34. Perfect Peace. SEMANTICA 70LP
    by Oscar Mulero
  35. A Course In The Theory Of Drones
    by Percival Pembroke
  36. HorrorBabble's Cthulhu Mythos
    by HorrorBabble
  37. Modular scraps
    by Crystal Geometry
  38. Premonitions of Death
    by Crystal Geometry
  39. I Will Take Care Of You
    by Paul Mørk
    I Will Take Care Of You (Original mix) I Will Take Care Of You (Original mix)
    Totally agree with the comment of A. Beta, subtle and complex are the words. Again, listened to this album of P. Mork as a development, as an unfoldment. Each of the pieces is organically linked to one another and will make no sense in picking just one favorite. Yet, if I really have to do so, my choice will be this one, cold and tender, intimate and self-harming.
  40. Induction
    by Paul Mørk
  41. Transcendence
    by Paul Mørk
  42. Invocation of Astaroth
    by Paul Mørk
  43. Ritual Of Meditation
    by Paul Mørk
    Hi Paul Mork, listened to this in a chronological order and let myself carried away into a deep internal journey (rather tumultuous) . Even if at a certain point I asked to myself if i really have to go through all this, the salvation is exceptionally sweet and liberating.