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  1. Restrepo EP
    by SDB
  2. Saamisaundi Vol.3
    by Random Records
  3. Selections 2018 (free download!)
    by Zenon Records
  4. Orion - State of Exception
    by Absence of Facts
  5. Fractal Fishing
    by Salakavala
  6. MECHANICAL SPECIES - Not in My Forest
    by Forestdelic Records
  7. AntHill - Ant Society (Forestdelic Records - FDREP13)
    by Forestdelic Records
  8. Pangea (Forestdelic Records - FDREP16)
    by Forestdelic Records
  9. Psy4tecks - Reaper of Souls
    by Biomechanix Records
  10. Aural Split
    by Kala & Yudhisthira
  11. Rolling Stoners
    by Various Artists - Digital Om Productions
  12. VA - FroZen DeLights
    by Vertigo Records
  13. ACE VENTURA - Rebirth (Iboga Records)
    by Iboga Records
  14. DRR015
    by Various Artists
  15. Kala - Smooth Groovers EP
    by Kala
  16. Disjointed
    by Yabba Dabba
  17. Warped EP
    by UkaUka
  18. Absence / Presence EP
    by Orion, Cari Lekebusch
  19. Goa Dream
    by Dreaml4nd
  20. HOOKERS VS ZZBING - Neuro Jam
    by Sangoma Records
  21. ASTROSCHNAUTZER - Gaia maa
    by Space Boogie
  22. Justincaseboy - What I_ve Got
    by Parvati Records
  23. Space Cookies
    by Purple Hexagon Records Official
  24. LIQUID SOUL - Revolution (Iboga Records)
    by Iboga Records
  25. Messy Raccoon - R2 147 bpm
    by Macky Mad House Rec. - MMH Records
  26. Float Your Boat - CHAKRAVIEW 148 bpm
    by Macky Mad House Rec. - MMH Records
  27. Deep Purple
    by Purple Hexagon Records Official
  28. Dreamcode
    by Formationz
  29. On Mass Shell - EP
    by Aphid Moon, Zeus, Contineum
  30. Outpost
    by Paul Taylor, Aphid Moon
  31. Modified Brain Function - EP
    by Aphid Records
  32. Middle Kingdom - Single
    by Aphid Moon, Atoned Splendor, Nirmal
  33. Binary Star EP
    by Psibindi, Aphid Moon, Saga
  34. Elliptic
    by Psibindi, Aphid Moon, Mechanimal
  35. Solar Feds EP
    by Aphid Moon, Zeus
  36. Cultivate EP
    by Aphid Moon, Contineum, Zeus
  37. Super Collider
    by Aphid Moon
  38. Complex Retracement SINGLE
    by Aphid Moon, Kaptain Kairos
  39. Synthetic Life EP
    by Aphid Moon, Astonomikx, Chameleon, Made On Earth
  40. AphidEP001 EP
    by Aphid Moon, Lucas
  41. Basic Chemistry - EP
    by Aphid Moon, Nirmal, Olivier
  42. Trancelantic EP
    by Aphid Moon, Helios
  43. Star Birth EP
    by Aphid Moon, The First Stone, Logica, Made On Earth
  44. After Go - Single
    by AMD, (Aphid Moon & Dickster)
  45. Psychic Traveller EP
    by Psibindi, Aphid Moon, Mechnimal