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  1. Inner Demons
    by Jo Christ
  2. Inner Demons
    by Jo Christ
    sympathy sympathy
    Inner Demons is sweetly sentimental. The intro leads to a cohesive narrative which isn’t as grim as the introductory quotation would imply. The downheartedness is always offset by an upbeat undertone of hope. This EP is a treasure that reflects a delicate balance of gloom/promise, familiar/new, and direct/elliptical. Inner Demons is easy to get lost in and even easier to fall in love with.
  3. Fingers Crossed
    by Jo Christ
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  4. Politics as Usual (Bummertown, USA)
    by Jo Christ
  5. A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
    by Jo Christ
  6. To be found
  7. March
    by Wander
    Parade Parade
    Beautifully crafted that sent chills up my spine throughout. You're not too far from Portland, come visit us sometime!
  8. Sloth & Turtle
    by Sloth & Turtle