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  1. Live at Metropolis Studios
    by Jordan Rakei
  2. Un/limited Love
    by George Riley
    Skin Skin
    Clearly a deeply personal and openly sensual EP/album. George's beautifully smoky voice yet absolutely precise vocals are never lost over on point house/soulful beats and rhythms. Music for lovers deeply in that tingling moment. Whoever George is into at the moment is in a very lucky place. Amazing! Thank you George.
    by Ego Ella May
    Liminal Space Liminal Space
    Simply beautiful music. Liminal Space is so reflective of so many people's personal circumstances. Thank you.
  4. No More Normal
    by Swindle
    Talk A Lot (Feat. Eva Lazarus) Talk A Lot (Feat. Eva Lazarus)
    Sorry I am a Swindle Fan! Every single track offers something individual and special. So many brilliant collaborations. Some I love as they are brilliant Kojek, and Nubya, Daley... New to me Eva... Wow! D Double E...
    The sonic landscape Swindle can do no wrong for me... Crisp, clear, intelligent... Perfect!
  5. No More Normal - Instrumentals
    by Swindle
  6. Parallel Universe
    by Isaiah Collier
    Village Song Village Song
    Interesting! I've just finished listening to the Infinite Monkey Cage... The AI episode. The key take away is that AI is not intelligent or creative. It will only ever mimic only what we truly know how to do. Be human. Good or bad!
    Then I put this album on. The point absolutely is confirmed. Beautiful humans making beautiful music in a single pass. No error correction needed. A joyfully wonderful album. AI will never have the inspirational talent or joyful playfulness to make this true music!
  7. Six Billion Dollar Man
    by AC Soul Symphony
    A class big band sound. Brilliant! Pure nostalgia back to my childhood when The Bionic Man was a weekly must watch TV stop. I'm really looking forward to the full album drop.
  8. Pharoah
    by Pharoah Sanders
  9. Les Jardins Mystiques Vol.1
    by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
    Kairos (Kefi) Kairos (Kefi)
    Wow! An amazing journey through so many beautiful musical landscapes. Having once been a violin player I love all the string work Miguel has done here. There is Oh! so much to enjoy on the album. Thank you.
  10. River of Light
    by Ancient Infinity Orchestra
    Love Song Love Song
    Such a beautiful soothing album. Brilliant Musicianship throughout from everyone. As a failed reed instrument player I could only but admire the individual and ensemble sounds of the Sax's, oboe and flute. Lovely voices as well. Wonderful 😊.
  11. Metamorphosis
    by AC Soul Symphony
    Manhattan Skyline Manhattan Skyline
    For those of us of a certain age who loved 70s big TV and disco this album is simply brilliant. So many call backs to so many brilliant tunes and themes. A brilliant wall of violins and fabulous keys is sweet.

    Flowers, flowers, flowers!
  12. Undone
    by Ego Ella May
    Simply a beautiful thoughtful piece of music. The greatest constant in life is change. It is a source of worry even fear for many people. Yes be "Undone". Let go... Embrace change. You will be surprised how freeing it is...
  13. Songs To Come Home To
    by Ta-ku
    CRY (feat. Becca Hatch) CRY (feat. Becca Hatch)
    Okay firstly full credit to GP again. Ta-ku is a found wonder through me listening to his show on BBC 6 music. The whole album every single track is wonderful. Beautifully crafted music from everyone involved. Thank you.
  14. Producers Choice
    by The RAH Band
    Falcon (Remaster) Falcon (Remaster)
    A wonderful blast from the past. I got into the RAH Band when I was 15 years old. I still have the vinyls to prove it.
    Falcon inspired me to play the Sax.
  15. Gold
    by Cleo Sol
    Reason Reason
    Two album drops in a single month! Wonderful!
    Another beautiful introspective album closer to Mother than Heaven. Cleo Sol's faith rawly displayed and examined.
    All I say is such a beautiful voice and fantastic piano playing. Great music will always work whatever drives its creation.
  16. The Only Way
    by Kaidi Tatham
    Confidence From Altitude Confidence From Altitude
    KT is back! A killer album. KT's tonal signature is in the soul of each track. So beautifully recognisable. Like listening to Mr Glasper or SAULT. Quality all the way.
  17. Run The World: Season 2 (Music from the STARZ Original Series)
    by Robert Glasper
    Langley Fellowship Langley Fellowship
    Honestly just here because Mr Glasper is at the piano doing what he does best. Quite a varied set of music. Though I guess it is simply the dictates of writing for a TV series. It is easy to forget how much TV and streaming there is out there. I'd never heard of this TV show until now...
  18. Good Hair Day / Only You & Me EP
    by Simon Mavin
    Good Hair Day Good Hair Day
    This is brilliant "wake up, get up" music! Bright and breezy!
  19. Lahai
    by Sampha
    I can't wait for the full album release!
    Well it's here and Sampha does not disappoint at all. A brilliant album. Sampha's vocals rule. His soothing mellow tones rule. The soundscapes are so diverse and rich but always come together beautifully. An album for repeat play for sure. This album is clearly Sampha's tribute to the ups and downs of love. A truly universal forever human theme.
  20. Come With Fierce Grace
    by Alabaster DePlume