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Digger Barnes

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  1. Head of Night
    by Ghost Tower
    I own the Tape Version.
    Great unconventional vocal creativity and perfect atmosphere in music.
  2. Climate of Fear
    by Nordstaat
    Nordstaat is trve cvlt...
  3. Singularity - Second Coming
    by Nordstaat
    Great atmospheric and dark music. Nordstaat fucking rules.
  4. Snake Behind The Sun
    by Shy, Low
  5. It All Starts From Pieces
    by Distant Dream
  6. Your Own Story
    by Distant Dream
  7. Point Of View
    by Distant Dream
  8. Wishdream
    by Abstract Void
  9. Back to Reality
    by Abstract Void
  10. Into the Blue
    by Abstract Void
  11. There is no beauty left here...
    by Exiled From Light
    Strong melodic, emotional & atmospheric Black Metal album.
  12. Demo II
    by Goatskin
  13. Demo I
    by Goatskin
  14. Knüppelknecht - Whoretex of Darkness
    by Knüppelknecht
  15. Der Schwarze Hort
    by Totenwache
  16. Gedärmetsunami
    by Etogate
  17. The Violence Of Zen
    by D-Tension
  18. Raw + Explicit
    by Pub Crawlers
  19. My Contribution
    by Dj Nice
  20. Instro Bistro Vol. 2 - Boom Bap Burger (Tape Version)
    by PerFiktion