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  1. Chimera [Integrum]
    by loneist
  2. Forever Live Sessions
    by Men I Trust
  3. Meesha Black
    by Meesha Black
  4. Everywhere at the end of time
    by The Caretaker
  5. Night Studies
    by Tor Lundvall
  6. Empty City
    by Tor Lundvall
    Scrap Yard (String Version) Scrap Yard (String Version)
    Standing in half light
    the land beneath my feet
    the stars above me
    what decays and changes below
    what is eternal above
    yet each is a mirror
    silence reflected
    refracted into soft faces
    grass, moonlight, and foxes
    and her, still standing beyond me
    hand on my shoulder
    telling me not to feel alone
    my deafness echoes
    into a tempest of thoughts
    dissatisfied, confused
    longing to open my hands
    reaching into the darkness
    where no reaching is required
    still she whispers
    "all you have to do... is let go."
  7. Sauna
    by Mount Eerie
  8. Jesu (The Released Picture Disc Mix)
    by jesu
  9. prelude studies
    by asher tuil
  10. miniatures
    by asher tuil
    ii ii
    I glimpsed it; the stillness - that which doesn't change. I am found not as a me, myself, or a "mine" - but in the pauses of notes, the cessation of things, within that which doesn't move, change, or decay.

    The past may be a memory, the future may not even exist beyond fevered imaginings, and this is music to soak up what is present and numinous; a signpost to that which is whole. An orientation.

    My life is drawn in lines that "miss the mark" - but here, in this music, something... is found.
  11. east somerville stories
    by asher tuil
    xviii xviii
    Night-side of mind; exposed, gathered, left unbounded - outside of usual borders. Unusual spaces that are spaceless, undressed and naked via their stillness, whole nothingness, neither needy or hungry for this and that. There is a satiation here; all forms of starvation unrequited - longing, reaching, open hands for the pleroma. What does the face of a mirror look like? Or, a still ocean? I may be made of ice today, steam tomorrow, but I shall return to you like breathing; again and again.
  12. Häxan
    by Dungen
  13. Stars
    by Meesha Black & Kevin Skaggs
    Meesha has a lovely, numinous magic. Her melodies come alive in the shadows of the psyche recalling past memories through soft black drapes that hang both beauty and a sense of genuine longing and melancholy upon the shadowy forms of life. Her voice is an aperture through which stillness can be found; where muffled forms become lucid, where one is discovered, seen between the notes. This is music to feel understood by; such a rare gift.
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  14. Insect Wings, Leaf Matter & Broken Twigs (Early Ambient Recordings: 1991-1994 • Volume 1)
    by Tor Lundvall
    Hills In Flames Hills In Flames
    A remarkable collection of Tor's utterly inspired ambient. Tor has been an artist that I've listened to more than any other over the last few years, which really speaks to the depth and beauty of his work. His music allows me to access that part of myself that is something truly liminal, something familial and supernatural that lives always beside me. It is a constant and beautiful reminder of how intimate it can be to be alone with the alone itself.
  15. The Violet-Blue House
    by Tor Lundvall
    Soft Colors Soft Colors
    Tor's music accompanies me through life like no other. No matter what my frame of mind, these numinous melodies bring me back to a place central in my being; a place filled with liminal mysteries, magical nostalgia, foxes, and magpies. A place where the animated entities that make up my total psychic core sit on the edges of misty fields, or perched amongst autumn leaves.

    Tor's music and artwork feel familiar to me in a way seldom found in this world of foreign ideas and haunted heads.
  16. Rain Studies
    by Tor Lundvall
    Blue Glass Blue Glass
    I've always adored the rain; and I've never become weary or tired of its mystique and beauty. This album captures that delicate mood that one finds on rainy days perfectly - and is positively pregnant with wonder, longing, numinous nostalgia, and that unspeakable mystery that haunts us from beyond the stars.

    If home has not been found in the modern world, it has surely been found - at least in part - within Tor's beautiful and haunting music.
  17. A Pillar of Clouds
    by The Ivytree
    Hours Are Counted Most Hours Are Counted Most
    An absolutely astounding collection of melancholia. Comfort, resonance, and understanding is to be found in these tracks. A sublime sequence of melodies and meditations.
  18. Unburdened Light
    by The Ivytree
  19. Aytche
    by Joseph Shabason
  20. The Hilvarenbeek Recordings [Remastered and expanded version]
    by Biosphere