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  1. Free Love
    by Sylvan Esso
  2. Beginners
    by Christian Lee Hutson
  3. Impossible Journey Of My Soul Tonight
    by Lady Lazarus
  4. Silver Came
    by Burd Ellen
  5. Ed Buys Houses
    by Sidney Gish
  6. I Need to Start a Garden
    by Haley Heynderickx
  7. May Your Kindness Remain
    by Courtney Marie Andrews
  8. We have always lived in The Harolds
    by Trust Fund
  9. Boneset
    by Diane Cluck
  10. Ghost of a Gardener
    by Rachel Ries
    You Can Go You Can Go
    Tender, lyrical and emotive.
  11. Víctor Herrero "Estampida"
    by Foehn Records
  12. Free Thoughts
    by Other Colors
  13. Dust Bowl
    by Howe Gelb
  14. Weary Engine Blues - North Star
    by Graveface Records & Curiosities
  15. Weary Engine Blues - Crossroads
    by Graveface Records & Curiosities
  16. 601
    by Kelli Schaefer
  17. old clump
    by Eamon O'Leary
  18. All My Love In Half Light
    by Lady Lazarus
  20. Contraband
    by Kirsty McGee