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  1. Shape Shift
    by Zombi
  2. Volcano Calculator
    by Volcano Calculator
    Golden Horns Golden Horns
    This music is crisp, crunchy and a great mental odyssey through the more intense possibilities of brutal rhythm and lyrical odyssey. Fans of everyone from Pantera, Gorguts and Dayglo Abortions will delight in the mosh pit sensibilities on this album. It's actually hard to choose a favorite track, but I chose Golden Horns for its particularly profound bit of wordplay. This is one of those rare albums where you will not be picking through songs, but playing it all the way through - many times!
  3. Slow in Sunlight
    by Tim Gerwing
  4. Stellar Trip
    by Lex Plexus
    Universal Break Universal Break
    Lex Plexus is one of my fave artists and has been for a long time. It's hard to believe that I used to enjoy these amazing beats and musical adventures on cassette back when CDs were just emerging.

    This is such incredible, dimensional, vertiginous, fulfilling and amazing music.

    I chose "Universal Break" as my favorite track because it reminds me of Sean Luciw's Sugar Shark. And that brings back a lot of very fun memories.
  5. Towards A Better Question
    by Steve Lawson
  6. How Long is Now?
    by Tim Gerwing
    How Long is Now How Long is Now
    Amazing when Tim includes vocals in his works.

    This is a brilliant album. Truly is music for the inner listener. For the inner thinker. For when everything's been said.

    Check it out!
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  7. Win Us Over
    by ASG
  8. Eunoia
    by Invalids
  9. Refractory Obdurate
    by Wovenhand
  10. And The War Came
    by Shakey Graves
  11. Black Light
    by SONAR
  12. II
    by Arcade Messiah
  13. Consider The Birds
    by Wovenhand
  14. The Agent That Shapes The Desert
    by Virus
  15. Cranekiss
    by Tamaryn
  16. Chronopoly
    by Town Portal
  17. The Occident
    by Town Portal
  18. Mangled By The Machine
    by Ape Machine
  19. Fate is Your Muse
    by Devil To Pay
  20. Earthen Grave
    by Earthen Grave