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  1. Litourgiya
    Yekteniya 3 Yekteniya 3
    Absolutely great and innovative. Can't stop listening the album again and again. And don't be fooled by russian extremist hooligans who sabotaged the concerts. These idiots do not represent our opinions; it could be even viewed as a sign of greatness—if something gets banned in Russia, then it must be something cool.
    One small suggestion, can you, please, not fall under the loudness war like most metal bands do? This album could be even better without excessive dynamic range compression.
  2. Messe I.X-VI.X
    by Ulver
    Shri Schneider Shri Schneider
    It's awesome in so many ways.
    …But I'm not sure that the compression/limiting on 3rd track is there for good, and I hope there'll be a remastered version without excess dynamic range compression.