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MageStick 12

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  1. stranger_think
    by C418
  2. Ur Djupan Dal
    by Atrium Carceri & Herbst9
  3. Herbst9 vs Z´ev / Through Bleak Landscapes
    by Herbst9
  4. Herbst9 vs Penjaga Insaf
    by Herbst9
  5. Herbst9 - 14. Wave Gotik Treffen zu Leipzig 2005 (SWT03) remastered 2017
    by Herbst9
  6. From A Dark Chasm Below
    by Herbst9
    by Herbst9
  8. Herbst9 - Consolamentum
    by Herbst9
  9. The Gods Are Small Birds, But I Am The Falcon
    by Herbst9
  10. Fragmentary
    by Herbst9
  11. Ušumgal Kalamma (The Dragon Of The Land)
    by Herbst9
  12. Shutun (CD, 2006)
  13. Buried under Time and Sand
    by Herbst9
  14. Wie er in die Welt kam
    by Equus
  15. Eutheria
    by Equus
  16. Monos
    by Mica Levi
  17. SALT
    by K A T I E K I M
  18. s/t
    by H E X
  19. Substrata
    by Biosphere
  20. Beyond The Black Rainbow - Original Soundtrack
    by Sinoia Caves
    This music, like the movie it's from are very special to me.

    Hope to hear new stuff from this project
    and i hope some new cooperation with Panos Cosmatos...
  21. Mandy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    by Jóhann Jóhannsson
    by LORN
  23. bambadea
    by LeRoy