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  1. The Astronot
    by Pennan Brae
  2. 313
    by Shayk
  3. Awake the Wilde
    by Awake the Wilde
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  4. Future of the Past
    by Hunter Hallberg
  5. Superfonica
    by Arcadian Child
  6. Lost in the Moss
    by Blind Feline
  7. Prettier When You Smile
    by Shadow Party
  8. Burnt Sugar
    by Gouge Away
  9. Tales from the Morgue
    by Wasting Time
  10. PHONE JERKS - s/t
  11. Through A Wall
  12. Get This In Ya
    by The Chats
  13. Roll The Balls
    by giuda
  14. SoundSlave
    by American Hitmen
  15. The Wombombs EP
    by The Wombombs
  16. Smalltown, Midwest, USA
    by The New Old-Fashioned
  17. C'mon, Christine
    by Wyldlife
  18. The Dirty Dogs
    by Dirty Dogs
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Humanga Danga
    by Humanga Danga
  20. Help Wanted
    by Civil War Rust
  21. ...What's Next
    by The Filaments
  22. Entropic
    by Hit The Switch
  23. Late Teens
    by Press Club
  24. Furies
    by Furies
  25. The Renegade Groove
    by The Renegade Groove
    This whole album slaps. Every song is dangerously funky and the musicianship is excellent. Wanna See You Dance, Rock Your Body Right, Hot, and Everybody Get Down are my favorite tracks.
  26. Tempest
    by Band of Rascals
  27. HETS - S/T
    by Hets
  28. Phasers
    by PAMs
  29. Deep In Guilt
    by Pablo Matisse
  30. Put a Fork in It
    by Balsamic Cigarette
  31. High Pressure
    by OOO
  32. SLEEP
    by Sad Park
  33. A Nation Under
    by Worthless United
  34. We Can Still Accelerate
    by Bad Whoremoans
  35. Bum Life
    by Wasting Time
  36. Modern Illusions
    by Lost In Society
  37. Demonstration
    by Drink Deep
  38. Groetjes Ons
    by Lekker Origineel
  39. Worthless
    by The Avoiders
    appears in 1 other collection
  40. Twist my Arm
    by Black Lining
  41. EP
    by Groomers
    appears in 1 other collection
  42. The Seoul Sessions
    by Burn Burn Burn!
  43. gusto
    by daisybones
  44. Ice Fields
    by Snowhaus
  45. Nobscot
    by Snowhaus