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Mad Panic

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  1. EP Tape
    by LOS VVS
    Fancy Car Fancy Car
  2. Presentation
    by Nanimal
    Presentation Presentation
  3. Is the Is Are
    by DIIV
    Under the Sun Under the Sun
  4. Amusements
    Tinnitus Tinnitus
  5. Earth Slime
    by Catholic Spray
    Hustling In Barbès Hustling In Barbès
  6. 7"s
    by Total Control
  7. Deimos
    by DBPS
    Fly, fly.... Love you guys <3
  8. Dolphin Lovers EP
    by Dolphin Lovers
  9. J.C. SATÀN "Hell Death Samba" LP
    by J.C. Satàn
  10. Slave / Uncontrollable Urge
    by Mouth Reader
  11. Harsher Than The Bite
    by Drug Dogs
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. II
    by Quetzal Snakes
    Brutal Beach Brutal Beach
  13. Le Voyage Éternel
    by Corridor
    Retour au bercail 3D Retour au bercail 3D
  14. SCRAPER "Misery" LP
    by SCRAPER
    Reaction Reaction
  15. Swamp Ritual EP
    Cosmic Cannibalism Cosmic Cannibalism
  16. Lovely Sort of Death EP
    by Qúetzal Snåkes
    Cosmic Cosmic
  17. SCRAPER "S/T" LP
    by Scraper
  18. Chili Cheese Crust
    by Druggy Pizza
  19. Dusty Mush (12" EP)
    by Dusty Mush
    Brad Cruise Brad Cruise
  20. Ripper Current EP
    by Endless Bummer