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  1. Argyropoeia - Split w/ Sataray
    by Zania Morgan
  2. Epoch
    by Tycho
    Glider Glider
    I'm amazed at this artist's ability to distill ingredients which sound essentially to my ears like 80's goth pop (minus vocals) into the most uplifting -- nigh religious experience inducing -- music ever. I discovered Tycho a few years ago via YouTube; the recording was a dawn DJ set at Burning Man. Now, Burning Man and dawn are both things I prefer to avoid, but I'll bet that was a pretty awesome experience nonetheless, and I'll admit to wishing I'd been there.
    by Yugen Blakrok
    Hydra (ft. Zetina Mosia) Hydra (ft. Zetina Mosia)
    In the Hebrew account of beginnings, heaven and earth and the material universe are the work of a primary and unique deity who creates them by mere word of mouth. One is reminded of this when experiencing “Anima Mysterium.” This gripping, transcendental album weaves enchantment in the most atavastic and primordal sense of that word; it is easy to believe that Blakrok is chanting entire dimensions into existence in a hermetic act of creation.
  4. Disparaitre (Demo 2018)
    by Disparaitre
    Le Néant Le Néant
    This is an incredibly impressive demo, drowning the listener in a relentless aural haze of mournful black metal. Tragic and galvanic, it makes me eager to hear what the band does next. One request: some of their best riffs are too briefly explored and not repeated... I'm hoping as the band matures they'll gain the confidence in their sound to prolong these great passages for us.
  5. Meridian
    by Tribes of Neurot
    Duality Duality
    Neurosis is the band I've probably seen live more than any other (if I have any permanent hearing damage, I blame it squarely on them). For almost the band's entire long lifespan, they've had this very fertile side project, Tribes of Neurot, which creates captivating ambient/experimental music, often based on the sounds, samples, and effects used in Neurosis songs. This music is totally different from Neurosis, but equally compelling.
  6. Arpitanian Lands
    by Enisum
    Chiusella's Waters Chiusella's Waters
    LOVE. This gorgeous album evokes black metal's anthemic aspect over its more brutal side. As bracing and enlivening as a gust of wind on a mountantop; it touches me so deeply, as if awakening something inside of me that was too long deadened and deaf. There is music here that will leave you grinning in appreciation of its rightness, of its pure, excruciating beauty.
  7. Epsilon Aurigae
  8. Lore
    by Elder
    Lore Lore
    This is a feast of an album, which rewards repeated and intent listening. It is the best thing I have heard this year. It takes the listener on a vivid journey while supplying tremendous energy, intensity, and joy. Perfect vocals that seem to arrive from the mid-distance (ala Scott Kelley of Neurosis), and rich, sonorous riffs, so nearly sub-sonic they make you feel like you're floating. Musicianship, composition, recording quality are all stellar; clearly a great labor of love. Gratitude.
  9. Spires Burn/Release
    by Elder
    Release Release
    After thoroughly rocking out repeatedly to "Lore," this band's incredible full length album (is it possible to wear out an Mp3?), I was eager to hear more, much more Elder. This EP does not disappoint -- only two songs, but each one is a sumptuous 10 minute voyage that you'll never want to end.
  10. Sole Creation
    by Kongh
    Tamed Brute Tamed Brute
    GREAT album. Just close your eyes and let the roar of protracted minor chords wash over you like an unholy benediction. One of the vocal styles in use here is not typically my thing -- but I found in this case it only required the tiniest brain nudge to totally dig them.
  11. Elder Giants
    by Sun Worship
    The Absolute is Becoming The Absolute is Becoming
    This summer has been way too hot here, and I was in dire need of a bone-chilling icy arctic wind. So I bought this album. Ahhhhh.... much better.
  12. Subsume
    by Cloudkicker
    A weather front was stalled out in the Pacific--like a lonely person, lost in thought, oblivious of time. A weather front was stalled out in the Pacific--like a lonely person, lost in thought, oblivious of time.
    An impressive solo project of dreamlike instrumental metal/rock. The heavy passages are sublime.
  13. Morte(s) Nee(s)
    by Celeste
    Listened for exactly 15 seconds and hit "Buy." Black metal meets hardcore meets your ears in a dark alley late at night and guess who's going to win? (Hint: not you). Plus slow numbers that sound like Godflesh on a very, very bad day. Which means a very very good day for US! This hit the nail right on the head. Thanks, for the tip, Valdemar! You still know me so well after all these years...
  14. (I)
    by Toundra
    Medusa Medusa
    Some achingly beautiful stuff here! The dissonant chords on "Medusa" are so good that it hurts. I can't listen to this album without playing that song about four or five times. Toundra is for me reminiscent of "3rd and the Mortal," without the vocals.
  15. (II)
    by Toundra
    According to personality researchers, lovers of metal and lovers of classical music have the most in common with each other. That makes sense to me when I hear this band: there is a searching quality in the music, a love of beauty, depth, and emotion..And plenty of heartfelt heavy riffs. Not for superficial listeners -- this music has substance!
  16. Progenitor
    by DVNE
    When Planets Die When Planets Die
    This album has the comfortable feeling of an album you've already owned and loved for years on the first listen. And yet that is not for lack of originality -- got to love the sci-fi sound effects, and the background vocals on "Red Giant" that sound like an angelic chorus abducted from a vintage Disney movie and forced to sing in Hades!
  17. Shadows of the sun
    by Ulver
    Vigil Vigil
    As Black Metal's Byronic titans, who both defined and transformed that genre, Ulver's place in history is well-secured. Rather than resting on laurels, however, they've continued to surprise and enchant for nearly two decades since, with offerings in manifold musical styles. With the common denominator being Ulver, you can expect brooding beauty and creativity to spare. Shadows of the Sun, despite the title, seems nighttime music to me: an album for contemplation, perhaps with a nice red wine.
  18. Vespers for a New Dark Age
    by Missy Mazzoli, Victoire, Glenn Kotche, Lorna Dune
    Vespers for a New Dark Age: Postlude Vespers for a New Dark Age: Postlude
    The clarion angelic tones of a neo-Hildegard von Bingen, emitting from the stillest subterranean sewer-chapel of darkest Brooklyn. Ancient music channeled by Experimental.
  19. Being Human Being
    by Erik Truffaz & Murcof
    Warhole Warhole
    Murcof creates spellbinding ambient electronic music that seems to emit from remote recesses of the chthonian abyss. It's very dark music; contemplative, but with a pulse. I would describe it as maximalist, not minimalist: it's full of textures and layers and tensions and subtleties. And here, richly embellished with trumpet from Erik Truffaz.
  20. EP01
    by Murcof x Vanessa Wagner
    Erik Satie - Gnossienne 3 (Murcof Version) Erik Satie - Gnossienne 3 (Murcof Version)
    Murcof is one of my favorite electronic musicians of all time; his album Martes (available on BC under the artist's listing) is probably in my alltime top 10. Here he casts his signature mysterious gloom over Erik Satie -- what's not to love? Great split EP with Vanessa Wagner.