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My personal history wades through a wide swath of alternative culture with its accompanying musical genres: goth, punk, crust/grindcore, Norwegian black metal, goth (again), neo-folk, experimental, electronic, classical and a few more. They've all left their imprint on my current tastes. I'm married to a DJ and digger who specializes in disco, funk, and hip-hop, so go figure...
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  1. Wingbeats
    by Hidden Orchestra
    Wingbeats Source II - Cello Wingbeats Source II - Cello
  2. Wandering Room
    by The Parlour Trick
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  3. Meridian
    by Tribes of Neurot
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    Displaced Displaced
  4. ENISUM - Arpitanian Lands (Dusk028CD | Dusk028LP)
    by Dusktone
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    Chiusella's Waters Chiusella's Waters
    LOVE. This gorgeous album evokes black metal's anthemic aspect over its more brutal side. As bracing and enlivening as a gust of wind on a mountantop; it touches me so deeply, as if awakening something inside of me that was too long deadened and deaf. There is music here that will leave you gaping in amazement of its rightness, of its pure, excruciating beauty.
  5. Epsilon Aurigae
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    Synoecist Synoecist
  6. Lore
    by Elder
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    Lore Lore
    This is a feast of an album, which rewards repeated and intent listening. It is the best thing I have heard this year. It takes the listener on a vivid journey while supplying tremendous energy, intensity, and joy. Perfect vocals that seem to arrive from the mid-distance (ala Scott Kelley of Neurosis), and rich, sonorous riffs, so nearly sub-sonic they make you feel like you're floating. Musicianship, composition, recording quality are all stellar; clearly a great labor of love. Gratitude.
  7. Spires Burn/Release
    by Elder
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    Release Release
    After thoroughly rocking out repeatedly to "Lore," this band's incredible full length album (is it possible to wear out an Mp3?), I was eager to hear more, much more Elder. This EP does not disappoint -- only two songs, but each one is a sumptuous 10 minute voyage that you'll never want to end.
  8. Sole Creation
    by Kongh
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    Tamed Brute Tamed Brute
    GREAT album. Just close your eyes and let the roar of protracted minor chords wash over you like an unholy benediction. One of the vocal styles in use here is not typically my thing -- but I found in this case it only required the tiniest brain nudge to totally dig them.
  9. Elder Giants
    by Sun Worship
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    The Absolute is Becoming The Absolute is Becoming
    This summer has been way too hot here, and I was in dire need of a bone-chilling icy arctic wind. So I bought this album. Ahhhhh.... much better.
  10. Subsume
    by Cloudkicker
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    A weather front was stalled out in the Pacific--like a lonely person, lost in thought, oblivious of time. A weather front was stalled out in the Pacific--like a lonely person, lost in thought, oblivious of time.
    An impressive solo project of dreamlike instrumental metal/rock. The heavy passages are sublime.
  11. Morte(s) Nee(s)
    by Celeste
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    Ces belles de reve aux verres embues Ces belles de reve aux verres embues
    Listened for exactly 15 seconds and hit "Buy." Black metal meets hardcore meets your ears in a dark alley late at night and guess who's going to win? (Hint: not you). Plus slow numbers that sound like Godflesh on a very, very bad day. Which means a very very good day for US! This hit the nail right on the head. Thanks, for the tip, Valdemar! You still know me so well after all these years...


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