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  1. This Rare Cow Killed Someone
    by Ephilexia
  2. Domadagr
    by Danheim
  3. Bana
    by Danheim & Gealdýr
  4. Gleipnir
    by Danheim & Fader Sol, Moder Jord
  5. Fornheim
    by Danheim
  6. Runar
    by Danheim
  7. Ymir
    by Danheim & Gealdýr
  8. Níu Heimar
    by Danheim & Gealdýr
  9. Egilsson
    by Danheim
  10. Runamal
    by Danheim & Heldom
  11. Grima
    by Danheim
  12. Skylda
    by Danheim
  13. Rúnatal
    by Danheim & Sigurboði
  14. Golem Soundtrack
    by Marty O'Donnell
  15. Maze in the dark forest
    by Black Hill
    Rebirth of the shadow deer Rebirth of the shadow deer
    An amazing sequel to an already amazing album.
  16. The Dog You Saved Wrote This Letter
    by Chainsaw For Birthday
    Those Ghouls Seem Friendly Those Ghouls Seem Friendly
    This album is strong in the best way.
  17. Fjordland / Nordland
    by Realm of Wolves
  18. The forgotten
    by musicformessier
  19. Protoplanet
    by musicformessier & whitecube
  20. Leaving the I.S.S.
    by musicformessier & Cousin Silas