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  2. Metal
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  1. Feather
    by Scorn
  2. Fallen
  3. Mount Carmel
    by M. GRIG
  4. SCHAX
    by Chillera
  5. Means of Knowing
    by Hotel Neon
  6. Parallel Remixed
    by Warmth
  7. Leaving
    by Shuta Yasukochi
  8. Vanishing Forms
    by Hotel Neon
  9. Parallel
    by Warmth
  10. Dive / Rain
    by Flame 2
  11. Vol.2 Nothingness
    by This Is Darkness
  12. Vol.1 Dark Ambient
    by This Is Darkness
  13. Volume 2
    by Naujawanan Baidar
  14. Polar
    by Funeral Moth
  15. Sequesterer
    by Alarmist
  16. Slow Boat
    by Vilray
  17. ​Göldi fell
    by Several Wives
    Pastoral and gloomy, this neo-classical wonder should interest fans of dark ambient and holy minimalism. Several Wives brilliantly master both composition and sound design. An amazing listen.
  18. S/T
    by Hammered Hulls
  19. Sophisma
    by VOID // GIST
  20. Cuts
    by VOID // GIST
  21. Ergot in the Wine
    by Kassia Flux
  22. Sinister Realities
  23. Skeletal Laughter
    by Occult Burial
  24. s/t EP
    by Monokultur
  25. Везде
    by Zherbin
  26. Volume 1
    by Naujawanan Baidar
  27. Way Through Vulnerability
    by Liberez
    This album is nothing less than an aural masterpiece. It may be “dark” to some but none will say it is a poorly executed chef d’œuvre.
  28. V I S C 0 9 - ÇAYKH II
    by ÇAYKH
  29. Sea of Bones / Ramlord Split
    by Sea of Bones
  30. Sireless
    by Aeviterne
  31. Trinity III
    by Pneuma Hagion
  32. Immeasurable Suffering Split EP
    by Pneuma Hagion
  33. Trinity I
    by Pneuma Hagion
  34. Rituals of Extinction
    by Pneuma Hagion
  35. Pneuma Hagion/Kav
    by Pneuma Hagion
  36. Trinity II
    by Pneuma Hagion
  37. Borders
    by Emptyset
  38. The Veil Of Control
    by Dysrhythmia
    The Veil Of Control The Veil Of Control
    It simply doesn't get any better than this. Frenetic drumming, ethereal guitars, a bass that graciously links everything. Best album of 2016.
  39. Dead Seeds, Barren Soil
    by Horseburner
    Replenishment Replenishment
    Baroness? Maybe. Mastodon? Maybe. Who cares, this band owns it. Rocking, grooving by an excellent and tight unit. If you like it rawk, you got it.
  40. Sacred States
    by Ortega
    Strong Eye Strong Eye
    Sludgy, doomy, that conjures melodic, ethereal riffs. Production is excellent. Repeated listening!
  41. Lord Mountain
    by Lord Mountain
    Fenrir Fenrir
    There are bands trying too hard to sound doom replicating bands of yore and then there is Lord Mountain. While sounding "retro" to an extent, there is no Ozzy mimicking here but brilliant duel guitar work, powerful vocals, thunderous bass and raging drums. What a breath of fresh air in this overcrowded world of duplicates. This album simply RULES and I want more!
    by Ommadon
    Crushing doom drone of the first order....A MUST!!!
  43. Bush Bash
    by World War 4
    Bush Bash Bush Bash
    Best trash band in Trudeauland! These guys are amazingly good and are great folks to boot
  44. LIVE at Dekcuf 2014
    The best punk-hc band in Ottawa. Sounds like a ton of bricks live. Great dudes too.
  45. Gravekeeper
    by Gravekeeper