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  1. DMT (Singles)
    by JaguarTree
  2. JaguarTree - Music of the Spheres (ovniep218 - Ovnimoon Records)
    by JaguarTree
    Akashic Records Akashic Records
  3. The God Particle
    by Aythar
    The Sirens of Titan The Sirens of Titan
  4. Gather Strength
    by Noya Project
    Little lights in the air Little lights in the air
    I really appreciate that Balancé / Noya Project is continuing with his relaxed yet powerful beats. There is no rush but lots of space and depth in this music. Thank you!
  5. The Architect Of Time
    by ARGUS
    Strong Connection Strong Connection
  6. Agora
    by Zen Baboon
    Summer Somewhere Summer Somewhere
  7. Thoughtform (​24bit)
    by Germind
    Germind - Textures life Germind - Textures life
    great psychill album! Germind's Antimatter Vol. 1 (the red one) is one of my favourite psychill/psybient albums ever. I remember listening to it during a train ride ... and observing nature passing by the window was an otherworldly beautiful experience. Fascinating how music can be a reality enhancer – this supports that it must be chosen carefully. Thanks!
  8. forgotten future W1 (24-bit Studio Master)
    by forgotten future
    Witnessing the Forces Witnessing the Forces
  9. realignment [EP] (24-bit Studio Master)
    by forgotten future
    Another Present Another Present
  10. Ultrasonic Phosphenes EP
    by Astromonk
    Folding My Mind 103 Times Folding My Mind 103 Times
  11. Colours II. Ice
    by selected by AstroPilot
    The Expectancy The Expectancy
    This is an outstanding compilation with carefully selected sonic gems – well done! Thanks to all the contributing artists!
  12. a single step
    by various artists
    kill me kill me
    Very enjoyable compilation of psyprog/psytrance works which imo quite consistently reach beyond overused elements of the genre - some really positive surprises here! – thank you!
  13. Cinematic
    by San and Tac
    Best Buds Best Buds
    very enjoyable blend of energetic psytrance/darkprog tracks! imo ideal if you want that instant extra thrust fueled via the sonic channel. - thank you!
  14. Corrupt Inspector
    by Baboden
    Corrupt Inspector Corrupt Inspector
  15. Bending Reality
    by Digital Swamp
    Oneironaut Oneironaut
  16. The Echo [24Bits]
    by Logical Elements
    There Where Silence Is [24] There Where Silence Is [24]
    This music is ideal for space travel - for gazing out of the spacecraft window in order to marvel at the wonders within the void … after accidentally waking up from cryosleep; or for a planned daytrip on a distant lush planet orbiting a red giant. – Thank you!
  17. Unreleased Tracks
    by Logical Elements
    Sun (Live Edit) Sun (Live Edit)
  18. Totem
    by Duff Egan
    Circle of Protection Circle of Protection
    caution: these outstanding drones may transport the listener to the most remote spaces of the cosmos :) .... - dark, arcane & meditative. thanks !
  19. The Black Sea Workbook
    by Solemnoire
    View To A Distant Shoreline View To A Distant Shoreline
    This album goes beyond electronica. These sublime soundscapes support the minds voyage to many internal places. I found it to become even better with repetitive listening. Definitely looking forward to the next release. Thank you!
  20. Type 1 Civilization
    by Noraus
    Ungooma Ungooma
    impressive variety of powerful psychill!! looking forward to the next album. - thanks so much!
  21. Pathways to Ascension
    by S1gns Of L1fe
    Transcending Mental Stasis Transcending Mental Stasis
    beautiful psylectronica with a placid flow that reaches deep - thank you!
  22. Meridian
    by Ascendant
    Landfall Landfall
    as soothing as a mountain stream, yet as powerful as a deep and wide river - thanks so much!
  23. Starseed
    by Various Artists
    Inception Inception
    Very well selected sonic gems! It’s not too common in compilations, but here the whole is more than the sum of its parts. There is lots of space and depth to be encountered in these soundscapes! Thanks to all contributing artists!
  24. Venus [24Bits]
    by SUDUAYA
    Astronaut Ape - Universalis (Suduaya remix) [24] Astronaut Ape - Universalis (Suduaya remix) [24]
    THIS is it, this is it, this is IT… IMHO, with this album Suduaya (also in synergy with Astronaut Ape and Cydelix!) reaches new realms of what progressive psychill can be - absolutely outstanding.
  25. Beyond Galaxies
    by Suduaya
    1. Feel the moment 1. Feel the moment
    yes, authentic and beautiful! - thank you!
  26. Unity
    by SUDUAYA
    Sweetness Sweetness
  27. Inward Spiral
    by Tekdiffeye
    Inward Spiral Inward Spiral
    energetic psyprog with a nice drive and good amount of complexity! - really love it. thank you! ps: a release of Tekdiffeye's other tracks, some of which are part of va compilations, on a solo album here on bandcamp would be much appreciated!
  28. Connectika
    by Symbolico
    Connectika Connectika
    The neurons of my auditory cortex just told me that this music is a very unusual experience, similar to using an antimatter pogo stick on the moon, very enjoyable. – thank you!
  29. Thematic Mathematics
    by Hypnagog
    Flurophore Flurophore
    Very refreshing, energetic and quite unique time-warping Synthesis of genres! a phenomenon of its own – brilliant - thank you!
  30. Somebody Else's Dream (Single)
    by Hypnagog
    Definitely a much appreciated relative of the fantastic album “Thematic Mathematics”! -thank you!
  31. Cristal Constellations
    by Sérgio Walgood
    really nice track - thank you!
  32. Timeshift Lapse
    by Sergio Walgood
    beautiful track. deeply relaxing and simultaneously wakefully hinting at the mysterious... - thank you!
  33. mutations
    by Floating Machine
    spontaneous mutation spontaneous mutation
    Nice dense atmospheres, drones that open up deep spaces and electrifying textures which make your cortex wonder about its own mystery, a bit dark at times but never negative, rather arcane. Love it! Like a sonic trip to the core of an atom… an intuition which might have additionally been facilitated by the album artwork however.
  34. Fragments
    by Floating Machine
    need some oxigen need some oxigen
  35. wake seed
    by Floating Machine
    floating machine - wake seed floating machine - wake seed
    IMO the quality of this album can easily be missed when browsing bandcamp in “fast-search-mode”, so take your time. With some courage towards minimalism, the tracks provide mysteriously capturing, more or less rhythmic ambient soundscapes … simultaneously soothing and energising - great
  36. Pandasphere
    by Happy Panda
    Reggae Reggae
  37. Always Was
    by Sean Byrd
    Always Was Always Was
    adventurous & quite variform deep dive into pleasantly immersive atmospheres ….! Glad to have discovered this gem. -thank you!
  38. Earth Connect - Galaxy in a pillow
    by Earth Connect
    a really nice track - relaxed beats and an atmospheric melody. Quote: "this was not my first space flight" ... love it. - thanks!
  39. Hundred Words
    by Noya Project
    Crazy eyes Crazy eyes
    deep psychill with Balancé's "signature" calming beats and melodic elements which smoothly unfold their power without rush or pressure. beautiful.
  40. Sweet Sadness
    by Electrypnose
    A5sention A5sention
    What a talent - imho... this is what I would consider intelligently crafted, outstanding atmospheric psychill/psyprog music! Each track is unique, rich in subtle details and creative textures – it’s totally impossible to choose a favourite. While the newer, rather zenonesque release is certainly of a rarely found quality, I would love to hear more psychill-compositions by Electrypnose! - thanks for these fantastic works!
  41. Electrypnose introduces Vatem
    by Electrypnose
    Gentle Frightscaping Gentle Frightscaping
    fantastic album! impressive complexity without being overloaded... superb variety of textures, just the right “psy-“touch plus great energy! (I ask myself why this one is not yet discovered by a larger bandcamp-audience, while the album Klungsum presented by Zenon Records is doing really well …).
  42. Intangible
    by Numatik
    Intangible Intangible
    fantastic album with great flow and depth... it enhanced my road trip through Nevada day and night... - thank you!
  43. Hear the Earth, Heal Yourself ∞ Heal the Earth, Hear Yourself
    by EarthCry
    528 ∞ Miracle 528 ∞ Miracle
    fantastic! very uplifting! thank you!
  44. Sun Path
    by EarthCry
    Transdimensional Camel Ride Transdimensional Camel Ride
  45. Unknown Sector
    by Astronaut Ape
    One Small Step One Small Step
    again such a wonderful album with Astronaut Apes signature textures plus more and deep melodies! a real treat! thank you!