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  1. I: Serpents
    by CRAWL
  2. Welcome To The Graveyard
    by FERAL
  3. Worship Death
    by CRAWL
  4. fluoride
    by fluoride
  5. Temporal Paradox
    by Martin Stürtzer
  6. At the Mountains of Madness
    by Phelios
  7. Autumn Tapes
    by Martin Stürtzer
  8. Impending Hostility (War Black/Death Metal)
    by PRELUDIUM (Poland)
  9. Engraved Upon Bleached Bone
    by Convulsing
  10. Katabasis
    by Vacuous
  11. Confluence
    by WAKE
  12. Into The Red (Death Metal)
    by HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International)
    Night Ripping Terror Night Ripping Terror
    Cool as f**k follow up to 2018's Serpent's Curse, great stuff!!!!
  13. Protosapien
    by JUPITERIAN (Brazil)
  14. Grand Malevolence (Death Metal)
    by DEPRAVITY (Australia)
  15. Only Ashes Remain (Death Metal)
    by SEPULCHRAL CURSE (Finland)
    More labels should learn from Transcending Obscurity!!
    As for the release, this is an unexpected treat, great sound, great stuff!!!
    Thank you Transcending Obscurity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. AI-20: V 3.0-3.9
    by Waveform Transmission
  17. AI-21: Life in a Circle
    by The Abyss Within Us
  18. Nothing Will Grow from the Rotten Ground (Live)
    by Leeched
    Silt (Live) Silt (Live)
    Its LEECHED, if you don't know their sound you're missing out on something very special, immense!!!
    My neighbours love it...
  19. Set Forever On Me (Technical Death Metal)
    by HATEFUL (Italy)
  20. Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath
    by Gulch
    E.P.T.S E.P.T.S
    Its GULCH, that's all you need to know!!!