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  1. Haha Technology
    by 自決 9 6
    The Robot That Fell In Love With A Plant The Robot That Fell In Love With A Plant
  2. Nocturne
    by Airospace
    Home Home
  3. Prismatic
    by The Queenstons
    Hot One Hot One
  4. She Unraveled The Heavens and The Light Shone Through
    by Epiglottis
    Her First Visit - "Oh Lena, What Happened To You When He Smiled?" Her First Visit - "Oh Lena, What Happened To You When He Smiled?"
  5. Cold Open
    by Meadowlark Valley
    Beneath the Tree Beneath the Tree
  6. 2YR, 40:28.649
    by Halley Labs Associates
    Bathing in Stygian Blue Bathing in Stygian Blue
  7. Analogues
    by Airospace
    Wormhole (prod. the Martianz) Wormhole (prod. the Martianz)
    It keeps getting better and better. Take your wallet out and support this person now.
  8. Feel Nothing
    by Sports? Sports!
    XX XX
  9. Hope
    by Those Who Sleep Beneath
    Summer Has Gone On Swallows' Wings Summer Has Gone On Swallows' Wings
  10. Hate Me Because I Generally Hate Myself Anyway
    by wwwwwwww
    Another Appears, But Depression Lingers Another Appears, But Depression Lingers
  11. With You
    by Slow Tide
    The Smell of Spring is in the Air The Smell of Spring is in the Air
  12. Sleep Weather
    by Ryan Sinclair
    First Frost First Frost
  13. Arrayed Above the Seraphim Lights
    by Even Oxen
    Kaiah's Connectant Ville Kaiah's Connectant Ville
    Slick vibes make for a thought-provoking ride. This album is worth your time. Works especially well with a long, alone car ride to somewhere you're not familiar with.
  14. Home, Like Noplace Is There
    by The Hotelier
    Your Deep Rest Your Deep Rest
    Easily one of the best punk / emo / rock albums I've ever listened to. The Hotelier is able to get me into a certain mood every single time I listen to them, and I love it.
  15. Port. of the Chemist EP
    by Port. of the Chemist
    Walter Walter
    A fantastic combination of mellow synth goodness with chilling vocals to boot. I can't wait to geek out about this EP with him the next time I see him.
  16. All Dreams End
    by Airospace
    Only Heaven Has Skylines (prod. unknown) Only Heaven Has Skylines (prod. unknown)
    Never have I heard a more original sound from a hip hop album than I have heard from this one. All Dreams End not only is amazing because of how personal it is to Airøspace, but his ability to make it feel personal to the listener is beyond comprehension to me. While the entire album is fantastic, Only Heaven Has Skylines takes the cake as the best song, as the passion behind Airøspace's rapping is golden.
  17. friend
    by i know who you are and you are nothing
    really nice really nice
    Going above and beyond everything else they've released, IKWYAAYAN has made a stupendous album that is able to play with your emotions so powerfully and subtly you'll only realize it when you completely done with the ride. A must listen for anyone even remotely interested in lo-fi.
  18. Dionysian 7"
    by Mister Lies
    Dionysian Dionysian
  19. Flood You / Medusa
    by Mister Lies
    Flood You Flood You
  20. i can't wait to be sad and alone on the edge of the universe
    by hyi
    super sour super sour
    I like making professional sounding little reviews in this little box, but I'm gonna break character for this one.

  21. all we got is each other
    by ghost mice
    Ablany Ablany
    My name happens to be Sam as well, and have tried to kill myself many a time. Along with that, the raw sound to this superb album really hits home for me. The pissed off emotion gives this album a true feeling, which, for people like me, is what is necessary. Just fucking amazing.
  22. Twin Fantasy
    by Car Seat Headrest
    Beach Life-In-Death Beach Life-In-Death
    Lo-Fi elements add to this album for the best. The feeling you get from listening to this is like no other.
  23. The Great American Holy Ghost Electric Show
    by The Holy Ghost Electric Show
    Let The Waters Rise Let The Waters Rise
    My place of work plays pop-country all the time, so finding this was a breathe of fresh air. Fantastic vibes with a great live feel.
  24. Breakaway EP
    by King The Kid
    Lost & Found Lost & Found
    Punk-pop rock done really really well. A fantastic underground release from an artist who hopefully won't be underground for much longer.
  25. Whenever, If Ever
    by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
    Getting Sodas Getting Sodas
    The name of the artist is what attracted me, but the music is what kept me here. Thoughtful free verse lyrics alongside punk-esque instrumentation. It just makes you feel good.
  26. White Lighter
    by TYPHOON
    100 Years 100 Years
    There are very few times where I enjoy an album so much that I complain that it's already over. Typhoon outdoes itself in one of my immediate personal favorites, and will keep that title for many years to come.
  27. morse
    by jean louis
    milwaukee milwaukee
  28. Blazing Fires And Helicopters On The Frontpage Of The Newspaper. There's A War Going On And I'm Marching In Heavy Boots
    by Suffocate for fuck sake
    We Are Driving Through Darkness We Are Driving Through Darkness
    I'm not the biggest fan of this kind of music, so I know that if I like this, it must be good. Simply complex and awesome.
  29. Black Belt Eagle Scout
    by Black Belt Eagle Scout
    Shallow Water Shallow Water
    Chill vibes and a soothing voice. A great album to sail you into peaceful slumber.
  30. r is r who is r
    by hyi
    source of ice source of ice
    Usually I would pass this off as "another LapFox album," but this release is anything but. The passion behind every song is truly heartfelt it's like you can feel the same thing they're feeling. Absolutely stellar.
  31. Bad Future Bullshit
    by RQ laji-2
    feed me seymour feed me seymour
    Craziness, distortion, and originality. Ren knows which direction they want to take their music, and you're probably gonna love it.
  32. Overture - EP
    by Ali Aiman
    Armour and Glass Armour and Glass
    Halftime vibes with a gorgeous atmosphere. This release just makes me plain happy, and in the end that's what matters.
  33. Benthic Lines
    by Dan Lyth and the Euphrates
    This Time In November This Time In November
    Being one of my favorite artists of all time, Dan Lyth surpassed my highest expectations and released this amazing album. The outdoor recording element adds something wonderful, something which can't be described, but is immensely enjoyable.
  34. Śmierć w miękkim futerku
    by Niechęć
    Prozak Prozak
    This album is a perfect example of jazz leaving its roots to make something even greater. A phenomenal release that is a must for anyone who even remotely likes the genre.
  35. by RQ
    ♫ Ⅷ/ ☈☇ [RUSH COIL] ♫ Ⅷ/ ☈☇ [RUSH COIL]
    Stepping out of the comfort of "normal" music makes this album stand out like a golden egg. Honestly one of the most original albums I've heard in ages.
  36. Identity Will Not Save You
    by The Queenstons
    9V 9V
    All the experimentation on this album is executed in a way that surprises you but makes it instantly recognizable.
  37. Suddenly EP
    by Kate Schroder
    Second Hand Second Hand
  38. 4 Songs
    by an Unkindness
    Fragments Fragments
    Every song on this album is incredibly well written (especially Fragments), with every lyrics really hitting home.
    by NegaRen
    Freeway Rebuild Freeway Rebuild
  40. Undertones
    by The Queenstons
    Burn On Burn On
    The vibes coming off of this album are ones that can only come from someone who is experiencing them at the time. An absolutely stellar album.
  41. Not Far From Our Imagination
    by Pavel Enzi
    Look for the brook Look for the brook
    appears in 1 other collection
  42. Elements
    by Ganucheau
    Earth Earth
  43. Directive
    by Rchetype
    Two Forms Two Forms
  44. Recharge
    by Rchetype
    Standards Standards
    Watching this artist grow is incredible, taking everything good from "Directive" and expanding upon it while adding elements to give it an industrial feel.
  45. So
    by Klippa
    Mixed Berry Mixed Berry
    The absolutely mellow ride you take when listening to this album makes it so you have to come back time after time, and you're probably gonna love it.