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  1. Anointed by the Crimson Veil
    by Ceremonial Crypt Desecration
  2. Hexenbrett - Zweite Beschwörung: Ein Kind zu töten
    by Dying Victims Productions
  3. Eternal Black Transmissions
    by The Suns Journey Through The Night
  4. To The Great Monolith II
    by DVT
  5. Age of Darkness and Frost (remastered)
    by Moon And Azure Shadow
  6. Eiskalte
    by Eiskalte
  7. Lost Horizons / Empyreal Forest
    by Empyreal Forest
  8. Divinations
    by Empyreal Forest
  9. Skogensdrom
    by Empyreal Forest
  10. Kosmocide
    by Deus Mortem
  11. GIANT (Braveyoung) Full Discography/Braveyoung - Rare & Unreleased
    by Braveyoung
  12. Cursed Deambulations of the Nocturnal Entities
    by Lamp of Murmuur
  13. Roots
    by Saor
  14. Aura (Remastered + Bonus Tracks)
    by Saor
  15. Crowned In Shadows
    by Äkth Gánahëth
  16. Carrier Of Weight (Atmospheric Sludge/Doom Metal)
    by EREMIT (Germany)
  17. Wandering In Lands Unseen
    by Sceptre Of The Fading Dawn
  18. Im Wald
    by Paysage d'Hiver
  19. All is Violent, All is Bright
  20. The Eye Of Every Storm
    by Neurosis