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  1. Sukeban EP
    by Garoad
    School of Hard Knocks School of Hard Knocks
  2. Songs for Rune
    by Robert J! Lake
    Softsong Softsong
    A cool musician made cool songs for a cool person at a cool price. (Edit: previously mentioned cool musician collaborated with another cool musician, which makes this already cool album even cooler.)
  3. One Year Older
    by Erik "Jit" Scheele
    Negastrife Negastrife
  4. Strife!
    by Homestuck
    Dance of Thorns Dance of Thorns
    I knew not what it meant to truly headbang until I first inoculated my ears with these songs.
  5. Die Anywhere Else
    by Alec Holowka and Scott Benson
    One of the best songs in this amazing soundtrack and arguably the game's theme song of sorts, Die Anywhere Else is an early introduction to one of NITW's main themes: the feeling of being stuck in the past and the yearning for an escape from such a situation.
  6. Strife 2
    by Tensei
    G4M3 OR D13 G4M3 OR D13