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  1. H O L Y W R A T H
    by Dav Dralleon
  2. Remainder
    by The Rival Cycle
  3. Dunno
    by Owane
  4. yeah whatever
    by Owane
  5. Greatest Hits (EP)
    by Owane
  6. Witchcvlt
    by Cojam
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  7. The Storm
    by Unicorn Hole
  8. Phenomena
    by Within The Ruins
  9. Halfway Human
    by Within The Ruins
  10. World Undone/Resurgence - Single
    by Within The Ruins
  11. Elite
    by Within The Ruins
  12. chill
    by Are You Afraid Of The Dog
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  13. In Our Dreams
    by Themnotyou
  14. [...on a Flight] - Piano Selections Vol.1
    by Themnotyou
  15. Ralts&Me [Xim'Esrever]
    by Themnotyou
  16. BotB One Hour Battles
    by Themnotyou
  17. Happy New Year Preview 2017!
    by Themnotyou
  18. Castle Strog [BotB Summer Chip VI]
    by Themnotyou
  19. Presence EP
    by Themnotyou
  20. Rare Fruits [FLStudio/2010-2015]
    by Themnotyou
  21. Tropical Rainforests [DOSWORKS/1995-2000]
    by Themnotyou
  22. Dreamzzz
    by Themnotyou/Lili
  23. Spacetunes = WIN
    by Chiptunes = WIN
  24. Silver and White
    by Weekly Words and Grammar
  25. She Gets The D-Pad
    by She Wants The D-Pad
    This collection of SWTDP's b-side songs is still a blessing, since it's the very first actual release of him and it contains a lot of his beloved technical style and solid mixing. If you loved his comp songs, you have to get this release ASAP.
  26. CRASH
    by Feed The Bears
    The ultra catchy, pop-punky and even ska-like style makes you just want to heavily dance away any bad feelings and destroy some furniture in your moms house. The guitars sound solid af, the mixing is tight and the diversity and effects are on point to make it a non-boring ride from start to finish.
  27. 抑うつ
    by cojam
    The moody and kind of creepy atmosphere make this album very special to listen to and I feel like Nikita is making huge leaps in quality every time he puts out an album. Follow this man for more experimental and diverse music every release!
  28. 👌
    by Unicorn Hole and Weekly Words and Grammar
    This album is the incarnation of memes and goofiness, paired with fat beats, huge breakdowns, sparkling synths and catchy melodies. This album cures AIDS, cancer, helps better against depression than Xanax and weed and will tear down the wall between the US and Mexico. Oh and one thing: FUCK YEAH COWBELL.
  29. Arcana Profane
    by Unicorn Hole
    Which Witch Two Which Witch Two
    The whole album contains songs full of fresh and polished sounding eargasms that show that Unicorn Hole can still invent himself new with every new release. Which Witch Two instantly shows what business will happen and sets the whole tone of the album. Diverse and playful synths, super catchy choruses and fat break downs will be sprinkled with occasional raps and experimental styles. If you think it can't get better, wait for the next release and be amazed. He always delivers 110 %.
    by Weekly Words and Grammar
    Popping Shrooms Behind the 7/11 Where Birdo Tried to Suck My Dick Popping Shrooms Behind the 7/11 Where Birdo Tried to Suck My Dick
    Don't listen to this if you don't have a strong stomach because the 0s and breakdowns will punch you fat. Don't take this album too seriously, but still listen to it if you need some good laugh paired with heavy head banging.
  31. Episode X
    by Nintendocore Lives
    Ghost Guy Gone Ghost Guy Gone
    This album is the best example why the new era Nintendocore is much more than just a refresh of the old theme. It's something completely new, exciting and diverse. The overall quality gets boosted hard with every new release, and this album feels so round (not only because of the amazing correlation of the name, track number, release date and theme). Thank you for this timeless collection!
  32. bm_128
    by bm_128
  33. Automated Refrains
    by Dan Terminus
  34. Self
    by Evaleigh
  35. Genesis
    by Arjax
    Genesis (Introduction) Genesis (Introduction)
    Super solid production, chill beats and some really good, catchy melodies. The vocals are fucking insane, I was like WHAT THE FUCK??? I'm surprised af how broad your music portfolio is and I'm amazed how versatile you can compose! Sorry that I missed out this cool album for so long! Great work! Genesis sounds like right out of Blade Runner!
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  36. Nintendocore Goes 90s
    by Nintendocore Lives
  37. Flutterfly
    by solomon
  38. On Par
    by Are You Afraid Of The Dog
  39. After Death (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Francisco Cerda
  40. Arcana Profane (Instrumental)
    by Unicorn Hole
  41. Habitat II
    by Feed The Bears
  42. Twenty Years of Snow
    by Weekly Words and Grammar
    Aetheric Sanctuary Aetheric Sanctuary
    I can't say much except I just fucking love every single second of this album, some songs make me drown in emotions and let me sing the chorus days after listening. I normally don't listen to this kind of music but the overall composition and mood blew me away. Top notch album that is always worth coming back to. Thank you for this gem!
  43. Despair Horizons
    by Shumanga Cojam
  44. Dungeon Crawler
    by Nintendocore Lives
  45. EP1
    by The Rival Cycle