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  1. Worthless Music
    by The Scaramanga Six
  2. O De Dun Dun
    by Ring
  3. Earthy Shrine EP
    by William D Drake
  4. Spinney
    by Cardiacs
  5. Her Majesty's Ship OST
  6. Meat Mallet
    by A Formal Horse
  7. Shirushi
    by TEKE::TEKE
  8. Ark
    by Craig Fortnam
  9. Kiev
    by The Polar Dream
  10. Sludge & Tripe
    by Perhaps Contraption
  11. Listening Bones
    by Perhaps Contraption
  12. Mud Belief
    by Perhaps Contraption
  13. Silent Reflux
    by Chlöe Herington
    A conceptual CD of sorts, some stand alone tracks, some intriguing noises/sounds. According to the list of ingredients (that arrived with the disc) I need to be sensing and smelling: blood, cut grass, earth, orange blossom, incense, engine oil, burning plastic and cumin whilst listening to specific tracks-although not necessary in that order! To be fair my house smells like this anyway..........
    I just bloody love this.
  15. Anything I Can't Eat
    by Cardiacs
  16. March
    by Cardiacs
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  17. Coriky
    by Coriky
    Just sounds so fresh. Others will be interested in the musicians featured on this LP and I’m aware of who they are, but to be honest it shouldn’t influence you either way. I listen to this whilst out on my daily lock down stomp round the graveyard. Just great tunes.
  18. Here Comes A Man From The Council With A Flamethrower
    by A Formal Horse
    Clearly cutting their own particular furrow. I love finding new challenging music. Cardiacs fans will love this, anyone should love this-unless of course you think Coldplay are cool......?
  19. WASTELAND: What Ails Our People Is Clear
    by LICE
    Really quite a jarring listen. An ongoing journey if you will. A very intriguing soundscape, odd time signatures and a distinctive vocal sound reminiscent of Brighton band Squid-but there the similarities end. This is sharp edged, spikey and dangerous-like finding glass in your Ben and Jerry’s!
  20. Trick Picture
    by Lighterthief