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  1. Angel Youth
    by Vansire
  2. 0181
    by Four Tet
  3. The Coastal Obscure
    by Hello Meteor
    Powdered Rouge Powdered Rouge
    Warm and meditative. A classic Hello Meteor album.
  4. Apparition EP
    by serpentwithfeet
  5. DEATH
    by ll nøthing ll
    wounds wounds
    Twitchy, neurotic, and a whole lotta fun.
  6. Franklin Piano Co. serial #6134 ___(Solo Piano)
    by Adrian Nofzinger
    Leaving Leaving
    Beautiful compositions on a storied instrument.
  7. Habits
    by Elephant Tree
    Sails Sails
    Throw yourself into this angry, growling sound and be rewarded.
  8. Pedal Steel Guitar
    by Will Van Horn
    Lost My Mind Lost My Mind
    Wow! The pedal steel really shines here. Love the warm sound.
  9. Dark Secondaries
    by Hello Meteor
    Burgundy Warm Burgundy Warm
    A release from the king of atmospheric synths promises to place you on that snowy, warmly lit street.
  10. The Gold & Silver Sessions
    by Elder
    Im Morgengrauen Im Morgengrauen
    Really appreciate the resonant organ at the beginning of this track. The pacing and atmosphere here are incredible.
  11. Possibilities
    by Hyperspace Jelly
    Sinking, Gently Sinking, Gently
  12. When This Plane Goes Down
    by Rachel Bobbitt, Justice Der
    Alex Alex
    Quiet, delicate instrumentals and the debonaire voice of Rachel Bobbit make this a powerful collaboration and one of the most relaxing albums in my library.
  13. Moonlight
    by Vanilla
    Sakura Sakura
    Anyone can make beats, but very, very few reach the quality and consistency that Vanilla does. The Yutaka Yokokura sample on Sakura works especially well -- an easy purchase to make!
  14. 0:00:00 (Ambient)
    by Adrian Nofzinger
  15. The Dream and The Waking (NeoClassical / Metal)
    by Adrian Nofzinger
  16. Whoopie Cat
    by Whoopie Cat
    Amy Rose Amy Rose
    Smooth instrumentals and an incredible vocalist make Whoopie Cat standout in their genre.
  17. Jupiter
    by Maximum Love
    Sunset Dancer Sunset Dancer
    Contains 100% DV of fat synth bass. Really enjoying the style of the first three tracks.
  18. Hidden Wellspring
    by Groundislava
    Drop of Water Drop of Water
    Bright and airy synth patches yield silky shimmers dancing behind smooth washes. 10/10, would daydream to again
  19. Dropout
  20. Sorrow And Extinction
    by Pallbearer
    Devoid Of Redemption Devoid Of Redemption
    There is beauty in destruction. Slow, mesmerizing, and head-noddingly enjoyable.