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  1. Forbidden Expressions
    by Lukas Eriksson
    Merry Moonlight Merry Moonlight
  2. Do It Yourself
    by Lazurus
    Stick To The Plan Stick To The Plan
  3. Ferrari
    by B.Slade
  4. Now Hear This The Album (Re:Mastered) Deluxe Edition
    by KRS-One
    Drugs Won Drugs Won
    by Jean Grae
    The Kwanzaa Song The Kwanzaa Song
  6. The Coffee Zone
    by Fearofdark
    Penguins Of The Apocalypse Penguins Of The Apocalypse
    This is one of the best chiptune albums i've heard thus far. This person is very talented at what he does. Give him his props.
  7. MoeNES vol.1: the idol composer's groove
    by chibi-tech
    Brosef COMPLEX Brosef COMPLEX
    Never have i ever wanted to shake my stinkin' ass to any chiptune album as much as i have with this one. I first stumbled on to Chibi-tech on YouTube when somebody posted a video of the song "Love Is Insecurable." Then, quite some time later, i stumbled onto "Moe Moe Kyun Step part 2." I'm just saying, get this fucking album if you like both chiptunes and EDM.
  8. That's Not How You Do That: An Instructional Album For Adults.
    by Jean Grae
    No One Cares (STFU) No One Cares (STFU)
    It's a shame that Jean felt like she even had to make this...but some people need shit like this. Smh. Good album, tho.
  9. My September Issue
    by B.Slade
    A word of precaution: if you just broke up with your girl/boyfriend, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM. You will be in tears. That is how gut-wrenching this album is. As usual, B.Slade delivers with soul like only he can on anything he does. This album is not for the faint of heart.
  10. "The Storm"
    by S.GOLD
    Timeless (ft. Azon Blaze) Timeless (ft. Azon Blaze)
    This is one talented dude here. What i like most about him is he doesn't try to be something he's not. He has always kept it real, and i respect him for it. As a result, his music is always real, and this album is no exception.