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  1. Double Negative
    by Low
  2. Outer Supernal
    by Pandiscordian Necrogenesis
  3. Agronomicon
  4. Hexhammaren
    by Martyrdöd
  5. Woodland Rites
  6. Ritual Howls - Rendered Armor
    by Ritual Howls
  7. Stella
    by Super Unison
  8. Stranger Fruit
    by Zeal and Ardor
  9. When All Of The Shit Hits All Of The Fans (The Hand Vol. 3 & 4)
    by THE HAND
    by The Armed
  11. Vinegar Perimeter
  12. Fool's Paradise
    by Cold Specks
  13. You Are Beneath Me
    by Self Defense Family
  14. Talia b/w Taxying
    by Self Defense Family
  15. BBC Session
    by Self Defense Family
  16. Kentucky Native Live Sampler
    by Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native
  17. Time To Move On
    by Ben Sollee
    by C-Schulz
  19. Contempt
    by Couch Slut
  20. The Dusk In Us
    by Converge
  21. , Dies
    by Gouge Away
  22. Teens Of Denial
    by Car Seat Headrest
  23. Rheia
    by Oathbreaker
  24. List
    by Martyrdöd
  25. Infowars
    by Ben Sollee feat. Jordon Ellis
  26. End Position
    by Street Sects
  27. Tyrannamen
    by Tyrannamen
  28. Fires Within Fires
    by Neurosis
  29. My Life as a Woman
    by Couch Slut
  30. Autumn Eternal
    by Panopticon
  31. Setter of Unseen Snares
    by Caïna
  32. try not to destroy everything you love
    by An Autumn For Crippled Children
  33. Split with Venowl
    by Cara Neir
  34. Thrones in Crisis
    by Cara Neir
  35. Portals to a Better, Dead World
    by Cara Neir
  36. 4-Way Split with Horseback/Venowl/Njiqahdda
    by Cara Neir
  37. Part I
    by Cara Neir
  38. Sublimation Therapy EP
    by Cara Neir
  39. Stagnant Perceptions
    by Cara Neir
  40. Split with Flesh Born
    by Cara Neir
  41. Temporal Realm
    by Cara Neir
  42. Amaranthine Figures
    by Cara Neir
  43. Split with Ramlord
    by Cara Neir
  44. Kek's Sarcophagus
    by Cara Neir
  45. Part II
    by Cara Neir