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  1. Songs for the Late and the Lonely
    by Jim Strange
    Fuck of the Century Fuck of the Century
  2. Goin' Over The River
    by The New Savages
    Down The River Blues Down The River Blues
    Take equal parts The Doors, Johnny Cash, add a dash of slide guitar, blend then serve. Enjoy!
  3. Baby Don't Lay Lonesome
    by The New Savages
    I've Lost My Little Girl I've Lost My Little Girl
    Wow, this takes everything good about blues, dark country, americana, folk and rock, then updates it. Very, very good.
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  4. Petrichor
    by Petrichor
    Useless Useless
    They do the occult/doom/rock thing just fine. Perhaps the music itself is a bit too 'shoegazy' in how the instruments often blend together into a wall of sound, and perhaps some would even prefer that, but in a nutshell I feel the music is simply a vehicle for the outstanding female vocals. You just gotta hear her for yourself, but her sound and style are fantastic.
    by Red Daughters
    Big Love Big Love
    While I don't usually buy straightforward AOR, this album is superb. The songwriting and musicianship are brilliant, it goes down as easily as your favorite comfort food. Sublime.
  6. Mother / Bow to the King
    by BANG
    Keep On Keep On
    Mighty fine classic rock, tinged with a metal/doom vibe. Recorded in '72, it definitely aged well.
  7. Devil Electric
    by Devil Electric
    Monologue (Where You Once Walked) Monologue (Where You Once Walked)
    Female fronted occult doom, bouncy the way I like it and ready and waiting to be labeled with an acronym. Good stuff, time will tell if it stands out from the crowd, but definitely worth the purchase.
  8. Spreadin' Rhythm Around
    by Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five
    As Long As I Live (feat. Wycliffe Gordon) As Long As I Live (feat. Wycliffe Gordon)
    Excellent retro Swing, recalling the 40s and 50s greats but updated with modern production and sensibilities. Like Lavay Smith, there may be nothing particularly groundbreaking here, but the sheer joy of the era gushes from the music. Great stuff.
  9. Born Out of Rock
    by High n' Heavy
    Nuclear Love Nuclear Love
    I like their debut better, more raw and rough around the edges, but this is great and needs to be in my stable. More rock-n-roll than their debut, and some may even prefer that. Kudos to the drummer on this one, I hope he doesn't require 'supplements' to keep up the frenetic pace. Rocking!!,
  10. Bodies at the Frontier
    by Sundecay
    Oxidized Urn Oxidized Urn
    Oh, this is good. Can we have Post-Metal and Retro Metal in the same package? This sure makes a case for it. Heavy and doomy, fantastic vocals and captivating songwriting, thick bass and guitar tones, this has it all for fans of hard rock and metal.
  11. High n' Heavy
    by High n' Heavy
    Attack the 30 Rack Attack the 30 Rack
    Ah, now this is some DIY grass-roots Metal. Sounds like nothing and everything at the same time, dirty, melodic and rocking. Not many vocalists manage to yell and sound melodic at the same time, and this guy does it with ease. Forget the 'name your price' BS, these guys got my money for the CD.
  12. Kassiopeia
    by Down with the Gypsies
    Marsz Marsz
    Love the production, love the vocals. Alternative Rock with a focus on creating a mood. Mellow, but it rocks. Comes across as a pop diva doing a progressive rock album.

    Update: This album is amazing. On my third consecutive spin, a sign there is some serious ear candy at work here. I can't get enough. If you like this, also try early Dark Dark Dark, Tu Fawning and The Changelings. All good stuff.
  13. Spectral Ascent
    by Kabbalah
    Resurrected Resurrected
    I can't believe this was released and I missed the fact. Love these girls from Spain, they craft some of the finest Doom on the planet. Heavy riffs, great production and killer songwriting.
  14. Age of Change
    by Snowchild
    Age of Change Age of Change
    I couldn't make it past the first two songs without buying the album. Still listening to the rest, but so far I'd say this is up there with a very few bands who manage to channel classic Ozzy while bringing new energy to the table. Great stuff.
  15. Die Screaming
    by Satan's Satyrs
    Show Me Your Skull Show Me Your Skull
    If Uncle Acid were a garage punk band... great stuff.
  16. Endless Serpents
    by Hellhookah
    Endless Serpents Endless Serpents
    This is reminding me of something, but I can't place it. Huge, scuzzy, fuzzy riffage, great stuff. A little reminiscent of late Celtic Frost, but more upbeat. But those vocals... fucking awesome and they carry the album. A little smoky, they bellow and bounce on top of the riffs, sounding a little like Danzig at times. Killer album.
    by Rising Steel
    Warlord Warlord
    Some mighty fine old-school thrashy power metal.
  18. Off The Radar
    by Noga Erez
    Toy Toy
    Quirky, original, odd, melodic and rhythmic electronica.
  19. Carnage (Massacre)
    by CARNAGE
    Barbarian Queen Barbarian Queen
    Evidently a re-issue from the late 70s/early 80s. Excellent Rock, Punk, Metal or Whatever. Dunno what to say except if you like heavy music you will like this. Definitely comes from the era when musicians didn't have the road paved ahead for them- thumbs up!
  20. THE EVIL
    by The Evil
    Voices From The Deep (Intro) Voices From The Deep (Intro)
    Seems a crime to pay them the paltry $3 they ask, and even at nearly double, the $5 I paid is cheap.

    The music is good, very heavy and a little bouncy, the way I tend to like things, but it is just a tad slow and repetitive.

    But what about those vocals... best doom/metal vocals I've heard in ages. A female version of early Halford, she is amazing and you almost don't hear the music because she owns the show.

    Music = 7/10
    Vocals = 12/10

    Bravo! Looking forward to the next offering.
  21. Oracolo
    by Skinshape
    Mandala Mandala
    Psychedelic blues rock with a major Trip-Hop vibe. Mellow vocals, this is an almost perfect album. Perhaps perfect...
  22. DGRDNT
    by Repus Tuto Matos
    Деградант Деградант
    I'm not really an Industrial guy, but this is damn good- riff after crunchy riff with aggressive vocals sung in Russian. Very cool music.

    For casual browsers, the first song is good, but not representative of the aggression and crunch of the rest of the album.
  23. Sve nijanse Dinare (All shades of Dinara)
    by Jurica Jelic
    Mutne sjene (Blurry shadows) Mutne sjene (Blurry shadows)
    If I had to use a single word, it woud be 'hypnotic'. If I had to draw a comparison to something familiar I would say it remonds me considerably of 'Advaitic Songs' by Om. Spare melodies, trance-inducing rhythms and vocals recalling a group of monks chanting in a 12th-century monestary. This is captivating music, channeling the past while sounding great to my modern ears.
  24. Imaginary Horse
    by The Picturebooks
    Imaginary Horse Imaginary Horse
    Stomping, ripping blue-eyed soul with vocals that sound tortured and melodic at the same time. Reminds me of Mugison a bit.
  25. Strange Here II
    by Strange Here
    Acid Rain Acid Rain
    Damn, this is interesting. At first blush it comes across as Black Metal, but it really isn't. Vocals remind me a little of late Celtic Frost- the big, bombastic almost-yelling, but far more musical. It has a definite occult vibe and a lot of organic instrumentation, but also a post-whatever (that's the new thing, right? Post Punk, Post Metal, Post-Post, etc.) vibe. Industrial, perhaps? It's like nothing I've ever heard, but very digestable, even on the first take. Damn fine music, it is.
  26. The Naked High EP
    by The Naked High
    Mean Amphetamine Mean Amphetamine
    Ah, Metal done right! Frequent tasteful rhythmic changeups interspersed with shredding guitar solos, excellent vocals and great production.

    The vocals and production are reminiscent of modern occult doom bands like Demon Head, but the song structures feel more like a 90s alternative metal band. In fact, it clicked when another reviewer mentioned Acid Bath, one of my all-time favorite metal bands.
  27. Yahudky
    by DakhaBrakha
    Sho z-pod duba Sho z-pod duba
    Crazy. No, this isn't an Afro tribal drum circle on the plains of the Serengeti, it's a bunch of Ukranian women belting out traditional folk songs to the accompaniment of pounding percussion. Whatever it is, it is awesome.
  28. The Fourth Light
    by Niyaz
    Sabza Ba Naz (The Triumph Of Love) Sabza Ba Naz (The Triumph Of Love)
    I've been following this band since their fantastic 2008 release 'Nine Heavens'. Azam Ali has one of the best voices in all music of any genre from anywhere, and while I'm not generally a fan of Electronic music, they use it to accentuate the organic medieval instrumentation, rather than to make a modern Pop album.

    While they identify as being from Montreal, their roots are in Persia, and the pounding rhythms perfectly accompany the sinuous wind and string melodies, while Ali's hypnotic vocals weave a spell to entrance you. I love this band.
  29. Witchwood - Handful of Stars
    Handful of Stars (Alternate Version) Handful of Stars (Alternate Version)
    This is damn good. They took everything great about 70s Progressive Rock, and left out all the bad. A little Jethro Tull, a dash of Supertramp and a sprinkle of early Judas Priest, blended with modern sensibilities and a whole lot of their own inspiration.
  30. Gromovnik - Арьяна Вэджа
    by Gromovnik
    Былина Былина
    It plays like a soundtrack to a Conan movie- heavy, plodding drumbeats, flutes abound and occasional strings. Lovely, sombre male and female vocals. Not sure how often I'll listen to it, but it sure was worth $4.
  31. Gamayun
    by SALTO
    Poseyou Poseyou
    In their own tags, 'psychedelic slavic folk trip hop', with significant jazz elements and a powerful, sensual female vocalist. If you like this, check out Niyaz from Iran.

    If just doing a quick browse, start with song #2.
  32. Quiet Life
    by The Black Swells
    Quiet Life Quiet Life
    Psychedelic Stoner Surf Rock with a Garage Punk vibe... from Bulgaria? Polished songwriting, great vocals, overall a fantastic album.
  33. Puste noce
    by Laboratorium Pieśni
    Kyrie Eleison Kyrie Eleison
    Utterly captivating harmonized female vocals singing traditional Ukrainian and Polish funeral songs. Haunting and beautiful.
  34. Wingmakers
    by Doublestone
    Save our Souls Save our Souls
    Great band. If I didn't know better I'd have thought this was a later effort than their new album 'Devil's Own'- slightly more polished production, etc. Can't say I like one better than the other, they are both top-notch occult rock in the vein of Witchcraft, Graveyard etc.
  35. Doublestone - Devil's Own/Djaevlens Egn
    by Doublestone
    Devil's Own Devil's Own
    Has early Witchcraft oozing from its pores, but that surely isn't a problem. The emphasis on the guitar elevates things, the vocalist is amazing and the songwriting is top notch.
  36. Mind Reverse [EP]
    by Mind Reverse
    Blindfold Blindfold
    Amazingly good punk blues from Brazil.
  37. It's All Self Fellatio
    by Shilpa Ray
    I Is What I Is I Is What I Is
    Definitely has that indie girl-power/singer-songwriter New York vibe, but she has a fantastic voice and writes great songs.
  38. Ouroboros
    by Casa Ukrania
    The Path The Path
    Is it pop? Folk? World? Likely all of the above. The tone is lonely and haunting, the music simple, the vocals compelling. Hints of Portishead... Great album from far away.
  39. Sleeping Volcanoes
    by Ten Foot Wizard
    Covered In Tits Covered In Tits
    Killer hard rock, elevated by great vocals and clever songwriting. Makes me think of The Clash doing a stoner rock album- heavy and catchy.
  40. Wëndelu
    by Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra
    Only Now Only Now
    Damn, this is good. As another reviewer already said, while it is very different from Goat, it scratches that itch for those who lust for more music like Goat's World Music debut. The perfect synthesis of groove, funk, rock and female harmonized vocals, with a World core that gives it a flavor that trancends genre. So catchy, so well written and played. Top notch stuff.
  41. King of the Road
    by Speed Queen
    King of the Road King of the Road
    Killer classic metal, updated. Hints of early Maiden riffage, melodic vocals reminiscent of early Scorpions, song structures amped up to Speed Metal specs. These guys shred.
  42. Soundtrack
    by The Electric Hearts
    Going Out Tonight Going Out Tonight
    The music is excellent, roughly falling under the Alternative Rock or Indie banners, maybe even Pop, but it's the vocals which make this a standout. Coming across a bit like Amy Winehouse, but with a lovely quirk recalling Billie Holiday or Valerie June that I often refer to as "that squeaky thing". I love it!
  43. Phantasmal Planetoid
    by Kabbalah
    I never buy music without at least sampling it first. Until now. I love the music these ladies have put out so much that I just clicked 'Buy' without a second thought. Heavy, melodic, catchy, doomy is the precedent they have set, and I look forward to hearing what is in the pipeline.
  44. Sounds Of The Backwoods
    by The Information
    To Dust To Dust
    Excellent Gothic Americana, sounding a lot like a bridge between 16 Horsepower and Woven Hand, two of the best bands in the genre, both of which were fronted by the incomparable David Eugene Edwards.
  45. Recuperate from Reality
    State of Dementia State of Dementia
    Ah, I just love that crunch! Late 80s thrash, done right and blasting back from the past to bless my ears. Fantastic shit, why were they never famous?