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Excepting the rare case, I want a strong vocalist with a unique sound in my music. Creative songwriting is a must, I want music to change or evolve within each song and within each album. Blues-tinged Rock, Doom and Metal, Heavy Psych and Gothic Americana are my favorite genres, but I like to explore world music, oldies and whatever sounds good.
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  1. Carnage (Massacre)
    by CARNAGE
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    Barbarian Queen Barbarian Queen
    Evidently a re-issue fromt the late 70s/early 80s. Excellent Rock, Punk, Metal or Whatever. Dunno what to say except if you like heavy music you will like this. Definitely comes from the era when musicians didn't have the road paved ahead for them- thumbs up!
    by The Evil
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    Voices From The Deep (Intro) Voices From The Deep (Intro)
    Seems a crime to pay them the paltry $3 they ask, and even at nearly double, the $5 I paid is cheap.

    The music is good, very heavy and a little bouncy, the way I tend to like things, but it is just a tad slow and repetitive.

    But what about those vocals... best doom/metal vocals I've heard in ages. A female version of early Halford, she is amazing and you almost don't hear the music because she owns the show.

    Music = 7/10
    Vocals = 12/10

    Bravo! Looking forward to the next offering.
  3. Oracolo
    by Skinshape
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    Mandala Mandala
    Psychedelic blues rock with a major Trip-Hop vibe. Mellow vocals, this is an almost perfect album. Perhaps perfect...
    by Repus Tuto Matos
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Деградант Деградант
    I'm not really an Industrial guy, but this is damn good- riff after crunchy riff with aggressive vocals sung in Russian. Very cool music.

    For casual browsers, the first song is good, but not representative of the aggression and crunch of the rest of the album.
  5. Sve nijanse Dinare (All shades of Dinara)
    by Jurica Jelic
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Mutne sjene (Blurry shadows) Mutne sjene (Blurry shadows)
    If I had to use a single word, it woud be 'hypnotic'. If I had to draw a comparison to something familiar I would say it remonds me considerably of 'Advaitic Songs' by Om. Spare melodies, trance-inducing rhythms and vocals recalling a group of monks chanting in a 12th-century monestary. This is captivating music, channeling the past while sounding great to my modern ears.
  6. Imaginary Horse
    by The Picturebooks
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    Imaginary Horse Imaginary Horse
    Stomping, ripping blue-eyed soul with vocals that sound tortured and melodic at the same time. Reminds me of Mugison a bit.
  7. Strange Here II
    by Strange Here
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Acid Rain Acid Rain
    Damn, this is interesting. At first blush it comes across as Black Metal, but it really isn't. Vocals remind me a little of late Celtic Frost- the big, bombastic almost-yelling, but far more musical. It has a definite occult vibe and a lot of organic instrumentation, but also a post-whatever (that's the new thing, right? Post Punk, Post Metal, Post-Post, etc.) vibe. Industrial, perhaps? It's like nothing I've ever heard, but very digestable, even on the first take. Damn fine music, it is.
  8. The Naked High EP
    by The Naked High
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    Mean Amphetamine Mean Amphetamine
    Ah, Metal done right! Frequent tasteful rhythmic changeups interspersed with shredding guitar solos, excellent vocals and great production.

    The vocals and production are reminiscent of modern occult doom bands like Demon Head, but the song structures feel more like a 90s alternative metal band. In fact, it clicked when another reviewer mentioned Acid Bath, one of my all-time favorite metal bands.
  9. Yahudky
    by DakhaBrakha
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    Sho z-pod duba Sho z-pod duba
    Crazy. No, this isn't an Afro tribal drum circle on the plains of the Serengeti, it's a bunch of Ukranian women belting out traditional folk songs to the accompaniment of pounding percussion. Whatever it is, it is awesome.
  10. The Fourth Light
    by Niyaz
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Sabza Ba Naz (The Triumph Of Love) Sabza Ba Naz (The Triumph Of Love)
    I've been following this band since their fantastic 2008 release 'Nine Heavens'. Azam Ali has one of the best voices in all music of any genre from anywhere, and while I'm not generally a fan of Electronic music, they use it to accentuate the organic medieval instrumentation, rather than to make a modern Pop album.

    While they identify as being from Montreal, their roots are in Persia, and the pounding rhythms perfectly accompany the sinuous wind and string melodies, while Ali's hypnotic vocals weave a spell to entrance you. I love this band.
  11. Witchwood - Handful of Stars
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Handful of Stars (Alternate Version) Handful of Stars (Alternate Version)
    This is damn good. They took everything great about 70s Progressive Rock, and left out all the bad. A little Jethro Tull, a dash of Supertramp and a sprinkle of early Judas Priest, blended with modern sensibilities and a whole lot of their own inspiration.