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  1. Season of the Witch
    by Youngblood Supercult
    I know this came across my feed in the past, but for whatever reason it only clicked just now. I think maybe it seemed too straightforward rock at the time, but hey, sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered.

    I was trying to figure out what did it for me this time, and here’s what I came up with- it’s like a System Of A Down gone straight rock. None of the antics and politics that drag SOAD down.

    Killer rhythms, killer vocals, killer production, high energy. Awesome.
  2. Upright
    by Stone Cold Boys
    This is killer music. Many things could be said, but it’s the interplay between the upright bass and guitar that makes this exceptional. They set up a groove that’s almost hypnotic at times. And I almost think I hear Stevie Ray Vaughan here and there.
  3. The Echo of The Desert
    by Rider Negro
    This band wears its Pink Floyd and Jim Morrison on its sleeves, but who am I to complain? They insert enough fantastic songwriting and musicianship into the mix to own their own sound. And for all the obvious homage, they still sound modern. Killer album.

    Update: I like this even more with each spin. This is real good.
  4. No Earthly Sound
    by Bruce Peninsula
    There’s a genre called ‘northern soul’ that I like to call ‘blue-eyed soul’, amounting to white folk playing music heavily influenced by black music. Pardon me, can I even say “black” anymore?

    Anyway, I love it. This band specializes in rhythm and melody, and their secret weapon is gospel choir vocal harmonies that back most of the songs. This album is a tad more straightforward than their other two LPs, and all three are fantastic.

    Pop, folk, alternative, gospel- what a concoct
  5. Forgotten Memories of Tomorrow
    by Ethereal Sea
    Desert rock with a penchant for a good groove. Killer vocals, clean production, great songwriting. This is top notch and real easy on the ears.
  6. LOBH II: Recreational Sorcery
    by Lords of Beacon House
    Psychedelic doom to be sure, but there’s genius going on here. In an oversaturated field the vocals set this apart as something distinctive, but the musicianship is so good you almost don’t notice until deep into the album. Songwriting is superb, and the tones and production do an amazing job of sounding like this was produced in 1975. This holds up brilliantly next to the likes of Uncle Acid, Pentagram, and of course... Sabbath

    Update: Top 5 modern doom albums! I can’t stop listening to
  7. The Lost Sessions
    by Geri X
    Folksy, bluesy, poppy, alt-y. It would be easy to pass this over, but there is an integrity that pulled me in.

    I’ll be honest, what made me give it a chance initially was the voice. It’s what I call the “squeaky thing”, which while diminutive is certainly a compliment, and I first coined it trying to describe what I like so much about early Billie Holiday. Coco Rosie and Mr. Gnome are some other names I’ve applied it to.

    This is a deep and heartfelt collection of songs.
  8. Face Command
    by Face Command
    A country heart with a hard rock soul. A heavy dash of alternative, and loud enough that it’s easy to imagine them tearing a venue apart. Reminds me a bit of Gogol Bordello in their fusion of good songwriting and pure high octane energy. Good stuff.
  9. Smoke Shall Rise
    by Custom Black
    Killer doomish metal. These days the field is saturated, so standing out gets harder and harder. Exceptionally bouncy rhythms, crisp production, and excellent songwriting elevates this album from the crowd.
  10. Enter the Mirage
    by The Sonic Dawn
    Something sublime going on here. There’s a Jack Johnson thing to the vocal delivery- the pacing, the relaxed vibe- and then theres almost a dark folk element as well, reminding me at times of Timber Timbre. Everything is mapped to a psychedelic rock structure, but there’s almost an R&B flavor as well. This is fantastic.
  11. VOLUME 1
    by Dirty Pagans
    Fuck yeah. Some amalgam of ‘Sabbath, ‘Priest, and ‘Fate, this is just what I wanted, right now.
  12. HOUNDS
    by MOOCH
    If you like stoner/desert rock, heavy blues, or just plain good old rock-n-roll, you’ll probably love this. It checks all the boxes, and was produced in collaboration with Brant Bjork, the godfather of desert rock. This should become a classic.
  13. Habitual Fears
    by Blood Witch
    Doomy metal with thick, juicy riffs that make your head nod. Fronted by powerful female vocals, they have a carefully crafted, unpolished style that makes the music feel fresh and vital. It’s like a metal band with a punk rock heart. Killer music
  14. Cajun Creole Hot Nuts
    by DM Bob and the Deficits
    Good stuff here. A cajun blues heart, with a heavily stomping bass for backbone and a loud and dirty electric guitar to keep things pumping. Swamp blues, blues trash, fuck yeah.

    Reverend Beat Man is a force of nature. He has some great music of his own, and his music label Voodoo Rhythm Records is promoting some cool artists, as evidenced here.
  15. Queen Of The Pill
    by The Jackets
    Garage punk, surf rock, and Jefferson Airplane, shaken into a tasty cocktail. This shit rocks.
  16. The Green Man
    by Charley No Face
    Killer music, but what really made me click ‘buy’ were the band name and cover art. They hooked me.

    Adam put it perfectly, so I will just second his assessment of Uncle Acid meets All Them Witches. Some cool stuff going on here.
  17. Never Come Back
    by The Get Lost
    I grew up on rock and metal, so forgive my layman’s take here, but what I feel like I am hearing is a greasier, grimier, London Calling. Or something like that. This is extremely catchy punk rock.
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  18. Opulent Decay
    by SPELL
    There’s something here I can’t put my finger on. BC fed it to me as ‘traditional metal’, and it ain’t that. I hear prog rock, 70s and early 80s AOR, maybe a nod to Supertramp in the vocals, and a lot more. It sounds modern and classic at the same time. It makes me think of Devil’s Blood in how they take certain elements of past and present and fuse them into something timeless and unique.

    This album caused me to check their back catalog, and I think this is a great direction to go i
  19. Guenna EP
    by Guenna
    Killer progressive metal, tuned to a stoner frequency. Nothing too unusual about what they do, it’s just that they do it so well. Killer songwriting and exceptional vocals. These guys need to put at an LP in a hurry, cuz three songs ain’t enough.
  20. Psycho Toaster
    by Psycho Toaster
    Wow, this is good. Not at all what I expected from the band name and art.

    Stonerized hard rock, with killer everything- production, vocals, musicianship, songwriting, all top notch. Groovy, too.

    Worth way more than their meager asking price of .50 euro.