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  1. Solid Ground Shaking
    by Scream Of The Butterfly
  2. Perfect Light
    by 40 Watt Sun
  3. Ash of the Womb
    by Illudium
  4. God Of Spinoza
    by Daily Thompson
  5. Ein Lamento
    by Dankeschatz
    Selbstreflexion Selbstreflexion
    Wer braucht sie noch nicht nicht.?
  6. Rot
    by Levin Goes Lightly
    by MAN ON MAN
  8. Bonds Of Euphoria
    by Abest
  9. Echoes From A Mass
    by Greenleaf
  10. Drool
    by Part Chimp
  11. As Days Get Dark
    by Arab Strap
  12. Somewhere
    by Sun June
  13. Life In Your Glass World
    by Citizen
  14. This Apparatus Must Be Earthed
    by Shallow North Dakota
  15. Mob Wheel
    by Shallow North Dakota
  16. Auto Body Crusher
    by Shallow North Dakota
  17. Shallow North Dakota - #2 Live Board Tape Series - Lee's Palace - unknown date (1998?)
    by Shallow North Dakota
  18. Shallow North Dakota - Live board tape series - Lee's Palace Toronto
    by Shallow North Dakota
  19. The First Four Years (2017 - 2020)
    by APF Records
  20. Ages
    by Dawnwalker