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  1. VA Astronauts in The Solar System
    by Global Sect
  2. Nothing Is Over
    by Vanderson
  3. Tim Schuldt - Single Collection
    by Tim Schuldt
  4. Shakta - Silicon Trip (2019 Remaster)
    by Shakta
  5. Back In Time
    by Radical Distortion
  6. Mad Fusion EP
    by Ephedra - Proxeeus - Ohm Mind
  7. SDDG016 - Acid Destroyers - Monsters And Mad Man EP
    by Spacedock Records
  8. Pandemonium
    by Fiery Dawn
    Inside The Twilight Inside The Twilight
    The dark side of Fiery Dawn. I appreciate artists that have different musical talents and are using them separately. Every coin has two sides. :)
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  9. Median Project - Constellation
    by Median Project
  10. Psychedelic Universe
    by Fiery Dawn
    Dervish Dervish
    Totally astonishing album!
    Don't know how to say it in less word than this, I tried to add the long text but it was to many words and wasn't accepted.

    Give it time, have time, let yourself dive into the songs and taste, smell and feel them from inside out. It´s an highly colorful and expressional journey. (I didn't use any drugs during listening.) :)
  11. Break the pattern
    by n3v1773
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  12. Celephaïs
    by Proxeeus
    Hypnos Hypnos
    Different and good, but it´s not what I expected from the beginning. However, it´s good music. :)
  13. Web of Wyrd
    by Diffus
  14. psyway to hell...
    by Laughing skull (d.j Golgolet)
    by Toxeed
    by TOXEED
  17. Horus / Charm EP
    by Veasna
  18. Bad Dreamer EP
    by Morphic Resonance
  19. The Realm Of A New Dawn
    by Ultimate Xperience
  20. Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom
    by Suntrip Records
  21. Eye On You
    by Front Line Assembly feat. Robert Görl
  22. Wake Up The Coma
    by Front Line Assembly
  23. Between Worlds
    by Nebula Meltdown
    I really love how you have arranged the percussions, it gives the track a solid straight-forward iron feeling, like an marching robot of steele on steroids even if the wholeness is sweet, a bit dreamy and very warm. I wish to hear more of this very unique sound. ❤️
  24. Tartarus
    by E-Mantra
  25. Cosmic Soundforms
    by Fiery Dawn
    Cosmic Soundforms Cosmic Soundforms
    Amazing album!!
  26. Katedra - We Are Not Alone
    by Global Sect
    The Edge Of Spaces The Edge Of Spaces
    This is totally breathtaking music. Goa trance has now reached an new and higher level than ever before. Heavenly music indeed! I truly recommend this album. <3 <3 <3
  27. Intuition EP
    by Ion Vader
  28. Soul Collector
    by Neogenia
  29. SDRCD05 - VA Goa Trance Legacy by Kanc Cover
    by Spacedock Records
    by Jeff Mk-Ultra & Virtuart
  31. Non-Euclidean Geometry
    by Proxeeus
  32. The 50th Parallel
    by Various Artists
  33. Next Trip
    by Sulima
  34. SDDG015 - Psychowave & Jaia2Gaia - Wave2Gaia EP
    by Spacedock Records
  35. Elan Vital [24Bits]
    by Compiled by Cromonova
  36. VA 303 Syndroms
    by Mamomam Records
  37. Brain Chemistry
    by Suntrip Records
  38. Omnious
    by Sync24
  39. Temple Within
    by CABEIRI
  40. VA - The Acid Connection
    by K.O.F. Records
  41. Lost In Time
    by Zirrex
  42. Ion Vader - Uplifting Force (ovniep296 - Ovnimoon Records)
    by Ion Vader
  43. Stapanii Timpului
    by E-Mantra
  44. Ovnimoon - Different Lifeforms (OVNICD125 - Ovnimoon Records)
    by Ovnimoon
  45. Cosmic Ascension
    by Voxel9
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