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  1. Oxygen Ocean
    by Alec Lambert
  2. Chiptunes
    by LydianChord
  3. Horizon Chase Turbo Official Soundtrack OST
    by Barry Leitch
  4. heart of the woods (ending theme)
    by In Love With A Ghost
    by ART SQOOL
  6. The Music of Juniper's Knot (Free Soundtrack)
    by combatplayer
  7. //TODO: today Original Soundtrack
    by eerron
  8. Heart of the Woods OST: Snowfall
    by Sarah Mancuso
  9. Heart of the Woods OST: Moonlight
    by Kris "Astartus" Flacke
  10. MidBoss
    by yuzuki
  11. Lonely Wolf Treat Compilation Soundtrack Vol. 1
    by NomnomNami
  12. Contract Demon Soundtrack
    by NomnomNami
  13. 140 Soundtrack
    by schmid
  14. Her Tears Were My Light Soundtrack
    by LydianChord
  15. Us Lovely Corpses Soundtrack with Bonus Tracks
    by LydianChord
  16. Mermaid Splash! Passion Festival OST
    by LydianChord
  17. Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet OST
    by Mock Off
  18. Where the Sun Always Shines OST
    by Mock Off
  19. Strawberry Vinegar
    by yuzuki
  20. Slime Rancher: Original Soundtrack II + The Casey Sessions
    by Monomi Park