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  1. Forward In Reverse (Single)
    by The Rain Within
  2. Now That's What I Call a Bunch of Austin Archer's TikTok Songs Compiled Into an Album Vol.1
    by Austin Archer
  3. Beautiful Things
    by Austin Archer
  4. Eat their Young / The Scorn EP
    by ESA
    by Panic Priest
  6. Hungry Like The Wolf
    by The Rain Within
  7. Beauty is Terror
    by Stoneburner
  8. Disko Anksiyete
    by She Past Away
  9. Living Dead
    by Obsidian
  10. Flight of the Infinite
    by Die Scum Inc.
  11. M Ʌ L V S
    by Golden Apes
  12. Monsters
    by Empathy Test
  13. Star Beast (2019)
    by Ghostfeeder
    Voyeur Voyeur
    Wow - I can't really decide on a fav track. I just know I'll be listening to this album all the way through quite regularly. Love balance of themes - gives me everything I want.
  14. LUNA
    by Izzy's Daughter
  15. Ghosts
    by The Necromancers Union
    Pendulum Pendulum
    Okay Mr. Spookypants - I love it!! <3
  16. Ritual Offerings
    Haunted House Haunted House
    So happy this is finally released to the great big world! Interested in what's next. :)
  17. Love In Virtual
    by Eva X
  18. Electrowoman
    by Eva X
    Subsume Subsume
    I love Subsume - it's spooky and ethereal, while bringing weight with the beat. It's really cool to see another artist emerging <3 Excited to see what's next.
  19. Second Seduction
    by Panic Priest
    Lonely City Lonely City
    He did it again. <3 I will def be listening to this full album over and over again just like I did with the first one. Jack is definitely diving into all of the things that make his music unique for our time. Love all this dancy spookiness...
    My fav song is a little biased because of the music video, but I'm loving this whole album! BLOOMNDK <3
  20. Burial 10
    by ESA
    Killing it - as usual :)