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  1. Aurora Borealis
    by Aureole
    I: Orbiting Above I: Orbiting Above
  2. Luminiferous Aether
    by Mare Cognitum
    The First Point Of Aries The First Point Of Aries
    The album is a grand synopsis of human nature versus the inevitable truth, a masterpiece of carefully-composed beauty and passion. It was an instant buy on the first listen, and I cannot be more proud to own this both digitally and on CD.
  3. Hearts of Light | Blossoms EP
    by An Autumn For Crippled Children
    Hearts of Light Hearts of Light
    The music is heartbreaking and at the same time uplifting and hopeful.
  4. Endeavor
    by Grief & Bliss
    When It Rains It Pours When It Rains It Pours
    A soundtrack to the melancholic soul; the emptiness, longing, apathy, and isolation of its lyrics only prolongs the pleasure of listening to such a masterpiece.
  5. Aftermath (re-mastered edition 2017)
    by Skyforest
    Yearning for the Past Yearning for the Past
    A great symphony of sorrow, guilt, longing, and nostalgic isolation. Skyforest has always been, ad always shall be, one of my favorite bands.
  6. For a New Order
    by V/A Compilation
    Moloch - Die Kälte der Ewigkeit (Ukraine) Moloch - Die Kälte der Ewigkeit (Ukraine)
  7. Verwüstung
    by Moloch
    Nur de Tod ist wirklich Nur de Tod ist wirklich